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Employment for the Disabled

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I. Care of civil servants with disabilities

In order to actively support and encourage disabled persons to apply for civil servants, work in party and government organs, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of disabled persons to participate in the administration of the country, the Guizhou Province Employment Measures for the Disabled, and the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Proportion of Employment of Disabled Persons (Guangzhou) Disabled Lianfa [2014] No. 14) Two regulations provide preferential policies for the protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, such as: Article 11 of the "Guide Measures for the Employment of Disabled Persons" stipulates: "Civil servants must not refuse to meet the conditions for recruitment and admission "Persons with disabilities who apply for examinations will be given priority for the disabled under the same conditions"; "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Proportional Employment of Disabled Persons" stipulates: "Party and government agencies at all levels shall Competent positions should be encouraged to recruit disabled persons under the same conditions; localities should effectively safeguard the right of disabled persons to apply for civil servants on an equal basis, and in addition to special positions, no additional conditions restricting the registration of disabled persons should be set. When recruiting positions, the provincial civil servants shall give preferential policies. When recruiting civil servants in various places, they shall combine In fact, take appropriate measures to create a good examination environment for candidates with disabilities. "

In accordance with the above requirements, before the annual public servant recruitment interview process is carried out, we must make clear requirements for interviewing examiners. We must adhere to the principles of seeking truth from facts, being objective and fair, and performing fair and just scoring in accordance with uniform scoring standards, without "relationships". Points, "personal feelings" points; can not "take people by appearance" and score based on personal preferences; the examiner (or the examiner commissioned by the examiner on the spot) must ask questions according to the unified host word and test questions; do not change the content of the interview without permission; There must be no implied or negotiated scores. These hard requirements fully reflect the principle of equality and competition in recruitment, which effectively avoids the problem of “implicit discrimination in the interview process by the examiner” and ensures the fairness and impartiality of interviews among civil servants in our province.

2. Seeking help and employment arrangements for the disabled

The Guizhou Provincial Regulations for the Protection of Disabled Persons (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) have been deliberated and approved at the ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of the Province and will be implemented from July 1 this year. The regulations stipulate: "Public employment service agencies established by relevant departments of the people's governments at or above the county level shall provide employment services to persons with disabilities free of charge. The employment service agencies of persons with disabilities organized by the Disabled Persons Federation shall organize free career guidance, employment introduction and Vocational training provides services and assistance for the employment of disabled persons and the recruitment of disabled persons by employers. "Regarding employment arrangements for disabled persons, including college students with disabilities, the Regulations also stipulate:" People's governments at all levels should develop public welfare suitable for disabled persons' employment. Posts are used to arrange employment for the disabled; other non-profit positions should be prioritized for employment of qualified disabled. State organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions, and private non-enterprise units should be no less than 1.5% of the total number of employees in their units. Proportionally arrange employment for the disabled. "

Based on this, disabled persons can seek help from disabled persons' federations at all levels and public employment service agencies. Human resources and social security departments, as one of the government's functional departments, actively support the promotion of employment of the disabled. Disabled unemployed persons with disabilities certificates and disabled college graduates are included in the scope of employment assistance in our province after they have registered unemployment in public employment service agencies. Can enjoy relevant employment support policies. For details on the enjoyment of policies, please refer to the document "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Employment Assistance" (Qianrensheshe Fa [2010] No. 33) (available on the website of our department).

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