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Tongren administrative divisions

Tongren City Government Website

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Tongren is located in the hinterland of Wuling Mountain, adjacent to Hunan and Chu in the east, and Chongqing in the north. It is a link connecting the Central Plains and the southwestern border. It crosses the northern mountainous land in the north of Guizhou and the low mountainous hills in the eastern part of Qiandong. The highest altitude is 2572 meters, the lowest altitude is 205 meters, with a total area of 18,003 square kilometers and a total population of 4.37 million people. There are 29 ethnic groups such as Han, Dong, Tujia, Miao and Gelao. It has jurisdiction over Bijiang District, Wanshan District, Songtao Miao Autonomous County, Yuping Dai Autonomous County, Yinjiang Tujia Miao Autonomous County, Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County, Jiangkou County, Shiqian County, Sinan County, Dejiang County, Dalong Economic Development Zone, Guizhou Tongren High-tech Industrial Development Zone. There are 173 townships (including offices), 210 neighborhood committees, and 2745 village committees. The municipal government is located at No. 8 Huaguoshan Middle Road, Bijiang District.

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