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Announcement of Relocation of Tongren Bus Station in Tongren City

Tongren City People's Government Website

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In accordance with the work arrangements of the Municipal People's Government, the related matters of the relocation of the bus station in the central city are announced as follows:

I. Tongren Bus Station (opposite Wenzhou Hotel), Tongren Automobile Passenger South Station (opposite to Sanwan Primary School in Tongren City), relocated to Tongren North Passenger Terminal Station (beside Chuanyu Expressway North Station in Bijiang District), Mushanhe temporary departure point ( (Beside the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau); Tongren Tourist Passenger Station and Tongren Huanbei Passenger Station serve as transitional stations and operate normally;

2. The Tongren Bus Station will be closed from 20:00 on June 30, 2018, and will cease operation; the Tongren North Bus Terminal will be officially opened from 01:00 on July 1, 2018;

3. Establish 5 temporary ferry service points in the central urban area of Tongren, that is, the development zone ferry service point (next to the turntable bus station in the development zone), the Beimenkou ferry service point (next to the bus station of the North Gate Insurance Company), and the Tianyang Community in West Outer Ring The ferry service point (next to the bus station in Tianyang Community), the Tongren Hotel ferry service point (in front of the Tongren Hotel), the Tongren Tourism North Station ferry point (near the tourism north station entrance), each temporary ferry service point has a shuttle bus. At the same time, Passenger dedicated lines and Tongrenbei passenger terminal to Xieqiao South Station dedicated bus lines are opened to ensure convenient travel for the general public.

4. After the station is relocated, the passenger trains of the Tongren central urban area will be dispatched at the Tongren North Passenger Terminal Station, Tongren Central North Passenger Station, Tongren Tourist Station, and Mushanhe temporary departure point according to the actual situation. Normal operation (the specific vehicle frequency can be found on the "Tongren City Road Transportation Information Network" and the WeChat public account "Tongren Quantong");

V. During the relocation of the station in the central city, you are inconvenienced, please forgive me, thank you for your understanding and support!

Service Hotline: 0856-5585111;

Complaint Tel: 0856-12328.

Special announcement

Tongren City Transportation Bureau

June 27, 2018

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