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Our city continues to improve the oil and gas network system

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  • Information Name: Our City Continuously Improves Oil and Gas Network System

In recent years, according to the combination of indicator planning and market demand, the city has continuously accelerated the construction of oil and gas pipeline networks, and the city's refined oil market can achieve effective supply.

As of October 2019, the city has built a total of 311 gas (gas) stations (points), of which: 304 gas stations (points) have been completed, which has basically achieved full township coverage. At present, there are only 12 townships (towns) in the city. Build gas stations; build 7 gas stations, including 3 in Bijiang, 1 each in Songtao, Sinan, Dejiang and Yanhe. Construction of 3 oil depots, of which 20,000 cubic meters of lighthouse oil depot in Bijiang District of Tongren City of Sinopec has been completed and operation. The first phase of Sinopec Dalong Oil Depot (20,000 square meters) and Yuping Zhonghe Petroleum Depot (30,000 square meters) are being accelerated. The city's total oil storage capacity can reach 70,000 cubic meters. (Long Hao, trainee reporter of Tongren Daily)

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