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The total output value of the city's forestry industry reached 36.2 billion yuan

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  • Index Number: GZ000001 / 2019-22337
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  • Information Name: The total output value of the city's forestry industry reached 36.2 billion yuan

Since this year, Tongren Urban Investment Group Lvyuan Forest Products Co., Ltd., established in our city, has cultivated more than 150 various forestry enterprises and more than 400 forestry professional cooperatives. It has built 1 million mu of camellia industry base, 446,600 mu of bamboo industry base, and flower and seedling base 28,800 acres, developing 717,200 acres of forest economy, and the total output value of the forestry industry reached 36.2 billion yuan, effectively driving more than 150,000 households and 600,000 people to work nearby, increase income and become rich.

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