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China · Tongren Precision Poverty Alleviation Index released today, providing reference samples for national poverty alleviation and development work

Tongren City Government Website

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  • Information Name: China Tongren Precision Poverty Alleviation Index released today, providing reference samples for national poverty alleviation and development work
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On December 27, the "China Tongren Precision Poverty Alleviation Index Report (2019)" was officially released. The report evaluated the poverty reduction work of Tongren City in the form of a quantified index, and provided a precise perspective on the effectiveness of Tongren City's poverty alleviation. The transition from water flood irrigation to precision drip irrigation provides a typical case reference.

As the flagship of the index industry, the Xinhua Index has been committed to researching the index "barometer" that objectively reflects China's economic and social development, providing a reference sample for the innovative development of various industries.

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It is understood that this is the fourth time that the Xinhua News Agency China Economic Information Service and the Tongren Municipal People's Government have jointly compiled and issued the "China Tongren Precision Poverty Alleviation Index Report". The report analyzes and evaluates from six aspects: accurate support objects, accurate project arrangements, accurate use of funds, accurate measures to households, accurate village assignments, and accurate poverty alleviation results, which intuitively reflects the progress of poverty reduction in Tongren City.

In recent years, Tongren City has thoroughly implemented the important expositions of General Secretary Jinping's series on poverty alleviation and development, with a view to overcoming the overall situation of economic and social development in order to overcome poverty, implement the "six precisions", the "five batches", and solve the "four problems" Throughout the whole process of poverty alleviation, the poverty population in the city decreased from 93,270 at the end of 2013 to about 43,700 at the end of 2019, and the incidence of poverty dropped from 24.78% to about 1.16%. Six poor counties successfully lifted poverty and removed their hats, and three poor counties reached Cap removal condition.

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Tongren City is the targeted poverty alleviation target of Xinhua News Agency. 2019 is the 17th year that Xinhua News Agency has targeted poverty alleviation in Tongren City. Over the past 17 years, Xinhua News Agency made full use of its own advantages in accordance with the central deployment, focusing on publicity, information, talent, poverty alleviation, bridge poverty alleviation and strong support for Tongren poverty alleviation and development.

As a direct subsidiary of Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service is the main body of Xinhua News Agency's development of economic information business. It specializes in information collection, processing, publishing, and service, and provides data and resource protection for Xinhua News News reports. It is authoritative economic information. Acquisition and release agency. In the process of participating in Tongren ’s poverty alleviation efforts, China Economic Information Service innovated the information and poverty alleviation methods and launched two public welfare indexes, the Precision Poverty Alleviation Index and the Fanjingshan Ecological Health Index, which provided Tongren with a poverty alleviation project and expanded foreign publicity. Support and timely help.

It is understood that compiling and publishing the China Tongren Precision Poverty Alleviation Index is a public service and an important part of Xinhua News Agency's economic information service for Tongren. The release of the index over the past four years has witnessed Tongren's confidence, determination, measures and results in winning the battle against poverty, and provided decision-making support for Tongren's targeted poverty alleviation work. (Tongren Daily, Rong media reporter Wang Anhong, Yang Yangmeng)

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