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Public announcement of city management cadres

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  • Index Number: GZ000001 / 2019-38050
  • Information classification: public announcement
  • Issuing agency:
  • Posting date:
  • Symbol: None
  • is it effective:
  • Information name: Public announcement by city management cadres

After a study and decision by the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Comrade Ou Jing was announced before his appointment.

Ou Jing, male, Miao nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, born in August 1986, native place and birth place of Songtao, Guizhou, joined the work in July 2008, college degree, bachelor of law, currently member of the party group and deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee, 2017 In August, he was appointed as the deputy county level secretary of the Communist Party Committee and the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Publicity time: December 4, 2019 to December 10, 2019.

If there is any problem with the object of publicity, please report it to the cadre and supervision section of the organization department of the municipal party committee during the publicity period by telephone, letter, short message, and network. Report phone: 0856-12380; report short message: 17208802380; report website:; correspondence address: No. 10 Jinjiang North Road, Huaguoshan, Bijiang District, Tongren City; zip code: 554300 .

Organization Department of CPC Tongren Municipal Committee

December 3, 2019

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