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Tongren: Cultural Flowers Spread Fragrance

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  • Index: 000014349 / 2019-2207966
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  • Message Name: Tongren: Cultural Flowers, Tossing, Fragrance, Army, and Poverty Alleviation

Promoting the fight against poverty

——A review of the “Five Teams” in the city's propaganda and cultural system

Steps to measure the distance of poverty alleviation, written the story of poverty alleviation, singing and dancing in the struggle, preaching the hearts and minds of the people, and acting together to overcome poverty ...

In the crucial period of decisively fighting poverty in the city and winning a well-off society in an all-round way, Tongren City strengthened the "Four Forces" education practice by combining the educational activities of the theme of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission" and organizing the city's propaganda and cultural system. The "five teams" of cultural and artistic teams, journalist teams, civilization-building teams, and volunteer service teams sank to the front line, and went deep into poverty-stricken villages with a high incidence of poverty on the main battlefield. Eradicating poverty and helping to build a strong atmosphere for decisive battles.

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Help the poor first and help the wisdom. The city ’s propaganda ideological and cultural system ’s propaganda and preaching team focused on how the “red regime” came about, how the new China came about, and how today ’s happy life came about. Preaching, continuously strengthening the mass gratitude education, inspiring the endogenous motivation of the poor, and boosting the last hurdle of poverty alleviation. According to statistics, the city has sent a total of 1,854 theoretical preaching experts to 1,759 deep poverty-stricken villages to conduct 10759 preaching sessions. It has set up roving preaching teams to go to various districts and counties to carry out 12 rounds of preaching lectures on advanced deeds of “Striving for Poverty Alleviation • Party Member Pioneers. 312,400 person-times.

Gathering people's hearts warms people's hearts, and culture and arts unite rural revitalization. The city's cultural and artistic teams focused on the theme of poverty alleviation, and newly created and arranged 99 cultural and artistic programs. A total of 48 cultural and artistic performance teams were formed throughout the city. 727 performers went to 222 administrative villages to perform 224 performances and watched 92,600 people. The city was impoverished. Deeply impoverished villages with an incidence of over 20% achieved full coverage of the tour. City, district and county writers associations, photographers associations combined with the theme of "going deep into the grass roots and taking root in people" theme activities, organized 344 literary and art workers to deepen poverty alleviation and attack the main battlefield, and introduced the city ’s report on poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation novels, poetry and other topics. There are more than 314 literary works, and 4,365 pictures have been recorded to record vivid stories of fighting poverty.

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The iron shoulder bears a heavy responsibility, and Miao Bi is born to fight against poverty. The city ’s team of journalists focused on the introduction of thoughtful, temperature, and high-quality news works. A total of 175 journalists were sent to 678 villages for squatting and experiential interviews. They introduced a vivid record of the cadres and the masses concentrating on the front line of fighting poverty. There are more than 997 news reports in hot scenes, which comprehensively show the results of our city's poverty alleviation. Among them, 171 have been adopted by the media at the provincial level or above. There are 31 columns in the urban and county news media. News reports from the front line of poverty alleviation have formed a strong propaganda momentum for the fight against poverty. Up to now, Baidu has searched 113,000 results for the Tongren 'five teams' and 3,280,000 search results for Tongren ’s efforts to overcome poverty.

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Promote the civilization of the village, and encourage the city to fight poverty. The city ’s civilization creation team is organized around the “Five Great Establishments”, and has organized and guided the creation of 509 civilized villages and civilized families, 4,787 civilized families, carried out 3245 centralized environmental sanitation activities, led the participation of 52,100 people, and guided and assisted the development of 2023 villages. Village rules and conventions with rural characteristics, regional characteristics, and practicality. Volunteer service teams centered on a "five one" campaign including a health rectification, a free consultation, a fundraising, a collective birthday, a meal and a group of friends, and organized more than 1,829 volunteers to participate in the event, helping 18499 poor households Rectify dead spots in health. Organized 288 free clinics, conducted free health checkups for 48,300 people, 272 collective birthdays for the poor, and collective birthdays for 272 poor people, organized 1877 group meals for the group, totaling 327,200 people Mass participation.

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Since the start of the event on October 24, the city has persisted in sinking the "five teams" as a practical carrier for innovation to promote the theme education of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission", and has solidly carried out the four tasks of enhancing foot strength, eyesight, brainpower, and writing power. "Effective" educational practice is an effective measure to continuously improve the capacity and quality of the propaganda and cadre team. It is based on city-level demonstrations, district and county development, and township participation to form a three-level linkage and above. Careful deployment, in-depth organization, and extensive mobilization of propaganda and ideological front cadres actively participated in the event, which created a strong social atmosphere for the event, and some good experiences, good practices, and advanced models emerged. At present, the "five teams" of 169 deeply-poor villages in the city have been fully covered and have been extended to 1086 non-poor villages, with significant results. (Tongren Daily Daily Media Reporter Li Taohong)

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