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Notice of Tongren Municipal People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing Tongren City Fire Rescue Team's Equipment Construction Plan for 2019-2021

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  • Index Number: GZ000001 / 2019-24691
  • Information Classification: Medium and Long-Term Development Planning
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  • Symbol: Tongfu Office (2019) No. 71
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  • Information Name: Notice of the Tongren Municipal People's Government Office on Printing and Distributing the Tongren City Fire Rescue Team's Equipment Construction Plan for 2019-2021

District, county, autonomous county people's governments, Tongren High-tech Zone, Dalong Development Zone Management Committee, municipal government departments:

The "Tongren City Fire Rescue Team's Equipment Construction Plan for 2019-2021" has been agreed by the municipal government and is now being issued to you. Please implement it carefully.

Tongren Municipal People's Government Office

October 15, 2019

Tongren City Fire Rescue Team's Equipment Construction Plan for 2019-2021

In order to further promote the scientific development of the equipment construction of the fire rescue team in Tongren, to effectively improve the combat effectiveness and management level of fire equipment, to meet the needs of rescue development of "full disasters and major emergencies", according to the "National Comprehensive Fire Rescue Team" The "2019-2021 Equipment Construction Plan" and "Tongren City's" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan "Fire Industry Development Plan" combined with the actual construction of the city's equipment construction, formulated this plan.

I. Guiding ideology

Guided by the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Construction and Logistics to Win the Modern War", with the goal of fully maintaining the stability of the fire safety situation and taking the lead in building a well-off society in an all-round way, taking "based on actual combat, focusing on quality, improving efficiency, and strengthening management" as the goal Guiding ideology, further strengthening the construction of fire fighting equipment, and improving the ability of Tongren City's fire fighting forces to ensure economic construction.

Second, the overall goal

After the restructuring of the fire rescue team, it will assume the rescue task of “full disasters and major emergency”, prevent the resolution of major fire risks, expand the rescue mission, transform its functions to professionalism and professionalization, equipment construction and fire fighting and rescue under the new situation. Compared with the mission requirements, there are still some adaptations. The future development trend of comprehensive fire protection equipment and the current status of fire protection equipment construction in our city. The following three major objectives should be achieved in equipment construction:

(I) The long-term support mechanism for equipment construction has been fully implemented. Carry out equipment assessment and demonstration, issue a three-year plan for equipment construction, comprehensively implement equipment construction funding into government budgets at all levels, establish a equipment funding project library, and gradually increase investment in equipment funding to provide funding for equipment construction to adapt to economic and social development.

(2) The team's ability to attack and toughen battles has been significantly improved. Continue to update overdue service fire fighting vehicles, improve the main technical performance of fire fighting vehicles, increase the proportion of fire fighting vehicles that are lifted, dedicated and combat supported, strengthen firefighter uniform protective equipment, special attack equipment, professional equipment and engineering machinery equipment, and fire rescue teams The ability to extinguish fires and fight wars has been significantly enhanced.

(3) Equipment management is increasingly standardized and efficient. Improve the equipment management system, strengthen the daily management of equipment, promote the informationization of equipment management, and achieve standardized, automated, and intelligent equipment management. Strengthen equipment procurement, standardize equipment acceptance, establish an equipment after-sales service evaluation system, and improve equipment management and procurement efficiency.

(4) Equipment use efficiency has been significantly enhanced. Strengthen the full-function use of equipment, expand the scope of equipment training, promote the use of equipment into the main content of the firefighter rescue post qualification examination and commander assessment, and improve the commander's ability to use equipment. Carry out equipment simulation training to realize the close integration of human and equipment.

(5) The quality of equipment talents has been significantly improved. Strengthen the construction of the equipment professional talent team, improve the fire equipment expert database and the fire equipment management backbone team, promote the evaluation of the technical title of the personnel in the equipment position, carry out the professional vocational skill appraisal of the fire vehicle equipment support professional, retain the equipment professional technical backbone, and achieve a significant improvement in the quality of the equipment talent team .

Third, the main task

(1) Equipped with fire fighting vehicles according to standards. All districts and counties shall implement the requirements of the “Standards for the Construction of Urban Fire Stations”, focusing on the industrial structure and road conditions in their respective jurisdictions, and do a good job in the deployment of fire fighting vehicles.

1. There are plans to add and update various fire fighting vehicles. According to the requirements of the “Standards for the Construction of Urban Fire Stations”, from 2019 to 2021, the city should be equipped with 9 additional fire-fighting fire trucks, 1 elevated fire-fighting truck, and 12 special-purpose and security fire-fighting trucks (a total of 22 including 3 At the end of the year, 8 fire engines need to be replaced. Among them, 4 fire vehicles were purchased in 2019, 7 fire vehicles were purchased in 2020, and 11 fire vehicles were purchased in 2021. The funds for the purchase of fire fighting vehicles by districts, counties, and municipalities are guaranteed by all levels of finance. All types of on-board fire extinguishing agents should be kept in stock at a ratio of not less than the ratio of 1: 1 put into service.

2. Carry out vehicle scrapping in an orderly manner. According to the vehicle deployment progress, the fire vehicle elimination and scrapping plan is implemented, and the fire fighting and fire fighting vehicles that are out of service for a long period of time and fail to meet the standards are forced to be scrapped to fully guarantee the performance requirements of fire fighting vehicles and the safety of combatants. In 2019, complete the replacement of 30% overdue fire trucks with substandard performance; in 2020, complete the replacement of 40% overdue fire trucks with substandard performance; in 2021, upgrade all types of fire stations in the city. The technical performance has fully reached the standard, and each brigade has the initial ability to independently complete major fire fighting and various basic rescue tasks.

(2) Strengthening protective equipment. All districts and counties shall, in accordance with the requirements of the "Standards for the Construction of Urban Fire Stations", give priority to 18 types of uniform protective equipment for firefighters, and meet the requirements of fit body comfort. On the basis of ensuring that the basic personal protective equipment requirements are fully met, in accordance with safety, reliability, efficiency, comfort and seasonal requirements, strengthen firefighters leather fire protection boots, fire protection hoods, anti-fall accessories, and storm attack fire stations Requires thermal protective clothing, fire protection clothing, chemical protective clothing and other equipment, and actively promotes the application of firefighter individual positioning devices, communication-type call devices, wireless communication and noise reduction capabilities, positive pressure fire protection with high-pressure emergency inflatable device Air respirators, liquid-cooled cooling vests and other equipment are dedicated to improving the safety of protective equipment and maximizing the safety of commanders. From 2019 to 2021, the city should be equipped with 11,255 sets of personal protective equipment, 1978 sets of rescue equipment, and 5,645 sets of fire fighting equipment.

(3) Strengthen the equipment of high-precision equipment. All districts and counties shall, in accordance with their own characteristics of social development, strengthen the "high-precision" professional equipment in accordance with the requirements of the "Standards for the Construction of Urban Fire Stations". Add high-performance firefighters fire fighting and emergency rescue protective clothing, 40MPa positive pressure fire air respirator, multifunctional helmet, oxygen inflator, new piercing water gun, foam liquid rapid replenishment and other equipment and other equipment. Combined with the distribution density characteristics of high-rise buildings, urban complexes, factories and enterprises in the jurisdiction, the short-wheelbase aerial ladder fire truck, large-displacement smoke exhaust fire truck, positive-pressure dual-use fire truck, high-foam foam fire truck, and multi-function should be increased. Fire extinguishing robot, mobile high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing device, underground passage equipment conveying equipment and other equipment. Strengthen the long-distance water supply system, high-flow, long-range foam fire trucks, multi-agent fire trucks, high-jet fire trucks, high-flow mobile guns, liquid-supply fire trucks, and high-deflection fire trucks.

(4) Strengthening the vehicle equipment of the new station. From 2019 to 2020, the Fanjingshan Fire Station, Yanhe County Second Squadron, and High-tech Fire Station will be put into use one by one. It is necessary to focus on ensuring that the new fire brigade (station) vehicle equipment is equipped as standard, and to solve the fire equipment construction task year by year within three years. To ensure that all new fire brigades (stations) are strictly equipped with all fire-fighting vehicles and equipment.

(5) Strengthening equipment innovation and research and development. Organize equipment “small innovation, small invention, small creation” activities every year, regularly organize equipment R & D project evaluations, communicate with vehicle equipment manufacturers through independent innovation, technology integration or introduction and absorption of advanced technologies, and guide equipment development and innovation. . Based on the actual combat of fire fighting and rescue, we will strive to develop a number of modern fire fighting equipment that is close to the actual situation of our city, with high cost performance, advanced performance, and high scientific and technological content, and report to the superior for promotion and application. Establish and improve the equipment selection and adjustment mechanism in 2019; test and recommend the excellent equipment selected and tuned each year from 2020 to 2021, and make improvements based on the use of feedback; in 2021, the city strives to successfully promote a number of practical, efficient, and complete innovation equipment .

(6) Equipped with equipment management personnel echelon. Gradually establish and improve the backbone of the city's fire equipment management team, increase the selection of equipment technicians in each fire brigade (station), increase the number of intermediate and senior equipment technicians, explore the establishment of full-time (part-time) equipment management cadres in the fire brigade (station), and form Grass-roots equipment management team promoted by full-time (part-time) management cadres and equipment technicians. The municipal-level fire protection equipment expert library will be further improved, consisting of experts jointly selected by scientific research institutes, local professional institutions, and teams to provide technical support for planning, equipment review, equipment procurement, and equipment maintenance. In 2020, the city will be equipped with at least one junior professional title and equipment management cadre. Vehicle and equipment related manufacturers are regularly invited to provide training for equipment management cadres and equipment technicians.

(7) Strengthen the construction of the combat service support system.

1. Strengthen the construction of equipment reserve system. According to the characteristics of disaster accidents in various districts and counties, relying on the combat service support brigade, establish a city-level emergency fire fighting equipment material reserve bank, and gradually establish a fire emergency rescue material reserve system with a reasonable regional distribution and complete reserve materials. All parties are mobilized to participate in the material reserve, and through the signing of contracts and cooperation agreements, an emergency rescue material reserve alliance with fire equipment manufacturers, supermarkets, gas stations and other related units is formed to ensure that emergency supplies can be produced and provided in time in wartime, reducing the cost of reserves .

2. Strengthen the construction of equipment maintenance system. Adhere to the combination of entity construction and mechanism innovation, and vigorously promote the hierarchical maintenance and repair of equipment. Improve detachment equipment maintenance stations, establish equipment maintenance teams for large (medium) teams, and carry out equipment inspections and maintenance on a regular basis. Establish and improve the standard system for regular inspection and calibration of fire-fighting vehicles and equipment in the city, and continuously improve the reliability and safety of equipment. The evaluation and demonstration of emergency reserve materials will be carried out in 2019; the emergency materials reserve work will be completed according to the evaluation opinions by the end of 2020; and a comprehensive logistics support mechanism will be established in 2021 to improve the material reserve, update rotation and rescue sites for major accidents.

(8) Implement equipment construction for professional teams. According to the mission requirements of "full disaster, major emergency" and the characteristics of disasters in the city: In 2019, Fanjingshan in Jiangkou will build a mountain rescue professional team, Bijiang District will build a water area and high-rise building rescue professional team, and Songtao County will build a mine rescue professional. Team, Dalong Development Zone built a large-span large-space rescue team. Strive to be equipped with all-wheel drive fire trucks, crawler fire trucks, high-wading fire trucks, amphibious fire trucks, underwater search and rescue robots, diving gear and other equipment.

Fourth, safeguard measures

(1) Increase investment in fire protection equipment construction. In accordance with the provisions of the Fire Protection Law and the Measures for the Administration of Local Fire Fighting Funds (Caifang [2016] No. 336), to effectively strengthen funding guarantees, all levels must incorporate equipment construction funds into the fiscal budget, and promote the government to formulate standards for the classification and guarantee of equipment funds. Establish a library of equipment funding items, gradually increase investment in equipment funding, and provide funding for fire protection equipment construction to adapt to economic and social development. In 2019, we will fully implement the equipment maintenance and repair funding guarantee standards; in 2020, we will fully incorporate equipment construction funds into fiscal budgets at all levels, and a long-term equipment construction guarantee mechanism has been initially formed.

(2) Enhance the construction of equipment talents. Promote personnel in various positions to carry out equipment business training, acquire equipment business knowledge that is compatible with their job responsibilities, and use equipment business as one of the main contents of the fire and rescue command post qualification examination and commander assessment. According to actual combat requirements, scientifically formulate simulation training programs based on equipment use functions and actual combat applications, and carry out training with "real swords and real guns" to effectively master the ability to scientifically apply equipment, especially high-tech equipment, to actual combat.

(3) Improve the scientific management level of equipment. It is necessary to establish and improve a standardized and scientific equipment management system, innovate management forms, and establish a refined management mechanism around each link of equipment management. Highlight the auxiliary application of informatization in equipment management, make full use of Guizhou's big data center construction results and the latest mobile IoT technology development achievements, and continuously improve the equipment management information platform to achieve real-time awareness of demand, visual control of resources, and precise positioning of distribution Requirements. At all levels, commanders can realize one-click mastery of equipment strength, one-click transfer of equipment use, one-click statistics of equipment data, one-click query of equipment maintenance, one-click evaluation of equipment assessment, one-click tracking of equipment life cycle management, etc. "Human brain tube" to "computer tube."

(4) Strict evaluation and reward mechanism. Departments at all levels should further refine the three-year planning goals and tasks of fire rescue equipment construction, strengthen inspection and guidance on fire rescue equipment construction, implement work progress, pay close attention to the implementation of equipment construction tasks, and solve problems found in equipment construction in a timely manner. The construction of fire rescue equipment in all districts and counties will be included in the annual fire target responsibility letter. Each year, the municipal government will organize an annual evaluation and the results of the evaluation will be notified. Each responsible unit shall ensure the implementation of the equipment construction task, organize the inspection and acceptance on schedule, and successfully complete the target task.

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