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Rural Revitalization Strategy-"Return" to Revitalize the Village

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  • Information Name: Rural Revitalization Strategy-"Return" to Revitalize the Village

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the strategy of rural revitalization for the first time in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Party: "The issue of agriculture and rural peasants is a fundamental issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood. We must always take the issue of" three rural issues "as the top priority of the party's work. Adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and in accordance with the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance, and affluent living, establish and improve the urban-rural integration development mechanism and policy system, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. "Promote rural development, implementation The revitalization of the countryside is of great significance to promoting the coordinated development of society and achieving the "Chinese dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Among the nearly 1.4 billion Chinese, there are nearly 1 billion farmers, and farmers have become an important part of the Chinese population. Farmers, rural areas, and agricultural issues are related to the improvement of the sense of "happiness of the people", and are related to the realization of the "beautiful countryside" vision, and to the sustainable development of "hometown China". However, with the rapid transformation of social change, the issue of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" has become a concern that we can hardly let go. "Children are asking, why is it too late to return?" Village rejuvenation is urgent, and only when people are willing to go back, get back, and stay, there is hope for rural rejuvenation.

To revitalize the countryside, farmers must be rich to make people willing to return. If the village is a "sycamore tree", it will attract the "golden phoenixes" of the townsfolk travellers, which is what is called "the family has a sycamore tree, which attracts the golden phoenixes." The first attraction of rural rejuvenation and development to “urban return” is rooted in the affluence of peasants' lives. From the perspective of industrial development, social security, employment and entrepreneurship, social order, and retirement, the most urgent and important issues for farmers are addressed. Laying a solid guarantee of life can only mobilize the enthusiasm of migrant workers to return to their hometowns to start their own businesses; at the same time, the return of migrant workers to rural areas can continue to promote the prosperity of Guangye towns and villages, and promote employment and income by entrepreneurship, thereby opening up agricultural modernization and urban development. The new situation of modernization and even the construction of a new countryside has become a powerful booster for rural rejuvenation.

To revitalize the countryside, the countryside must be beautiful in order to make people go back. The countryside is the home of the peasants.Everyone expects their home to be beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. It will change the rural environment and create a good living environment. It also has a casual life in the countryside, where the pines are cool at night and the wind is full of listening. The environment, this is the devout yearning of travellers. However, when the use of pesticides and fertilizers contaminated the land; when domestic garbage contaminated the Wanwan Qingquan; when straw was burned and polluted the clear sky, rural soil, water, and atmospheric pollution directly affected the "vegetable baskets", rice bags, and water tanks. How to consolidate the foundation for returning to the countryside? Without the fresh air, clean water, and safe food in the village, the revitalization of the village will lose the favor of the travellers, and it will lose the strategic resources for sustainable use. Revitalizing sustainable development? Therefore, the beautiful rural construction that can see the mountains, the water, and remember the homesickness is the support for rural revitalization.

In order to revitalize the countryside, agriculture must be strong in order for people to stay. Prospering the industry is the source of many people's dreams, and abiding by the industry is the "reassurance" of the majority of agricultural operators. Retaining talents in the countryside is the proper meaning of the sustainable development of the countryside, and sustainable development of agriculture is the only way for the "urban return" to leave entrepreneurship and keep business. When agriculture catches the "Tourism +" express, rural tourism provides the village with the opportunity to "reshape" and "regenerate." With the diversification of tourism needs and the tranquility and remoteness, idyllic rural tourism has become a new choice for people due to its unique charm, especially in the era of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation by all people", the economy has entered a new normal, and the industrial structure has been continuously transformed and upgraded. Under the background, rural tourism will have greater achievements and responsibilities, so as to continuously fill the background of rural revitalization.

Yuanmu seeking fish is not advisable, and exhausting while fishing is not feasible. The whole people look forward to the "beautiful countryside" today. We will give the villagers a prosperous living condition by using the road to enrich the people, use the beauty of ecology to provide a home for the mind and body, and use the strategy of strengthening the industry to give the urban returnees a chance to thrive. The road to a win-win situation in which villages are beautiful, and villages are strong, and the revitalization dream of a livable and healthy village can be realized.

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