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Remember, these areas will be banned from firing fireworks

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  • Index Number: GZ000001 / 2019-28184
  • Information Classification: Regulations
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  • Message Name: Remember, these areas will be banned from firing fireworks

According to the Regulations on the Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers in the Downtown Area of Tongren, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in the following places in the central area (the built-up areas of Bijiang District, Wanshan District, Tongren High-tech Zone in Tongren High-tech Zone, and areas that need to be strengthened and controlled) :


(1) State organs, scientific research institutions, protected areas of important military facilities, etc .; (2) Cultural relics protection units; (3) Places for the production, storage and sale of flammable and explosive materials: (4) Schools, medical institutions, pension institutions, business and trade centers City tourism gathering areas, such as public music venues, and other densely populated places: (five) transportation facilities such as airports, stations, docks, tunnels, and railway line security protection areas: (f) parking lots, underground passages, air defense facilities, pedestrian bridges, urban bridges, underground Pipeline network and other municipal facilities: (7) fuel oil, gas, power transmission and other energy supply facilities, safety protection areas: (8) other places required by laws and regulations.

Except for the places prohibited to set off fireworks and firecrackers as stipulated in this Regulation, the following areas are restricted from setting off fireworks and firecrackers:

(1) Bijiang District: Shizhong Street; Qingshui Community, Liangbanqiao Community, Banqiao Community, Beimen Community, Beiguan Community, Xiangtanglong Community, Guihuatang Community, Tongzi Lane Community; Beidajie Community , Longtian Community, Binjiang Community, Aidun Community, Baiyanxi Community, Dajiaochong Community, Zhengguang Community; Fanjingshan Community, Jinjiang Street, Tongjiang Community, Xiongjiatun Community; Sanzhai Village, Bajiao Village, Taoshi Township; Hexi Street Shuangjiang Community, Wenbifeng Community, Dajiangping Community, Plaza Community, Huaguoshan Community, Liangshuijing Community, Xinhua Community Bayou Formation, Liangshuijing Formation, Yangjiawan Formation, Datuwan Formation, Tongmuping Formation, Changyan Po Group, Hanxin District Group, Shoal Group, Fengmuping Group 1 and Group 2, Badigang Group 1 and Group 2, Hanjiaping Group 1 and Group 2; Wusong Community, Chuancheng Street, Dasong Group, Chuanxi Community, Mu Xiuping Formation, Geluopo Formation, Yaojiazhuang Formation, Xinzhai Formation, Yangmatang Formation, Longfengchang Formation, Jiezhang Formation, Yunpan Formation, Plaza Formation, Yanbian Formation, Baguan Formation, Toad Mouth Formation and Liangwan village;

(II) Wanshan District: Renshan Community, Tangjiazhai Community, Guiyuan Community, Mushanhe Community, Renshan Street; Xieqiao Community, Chongguangping Community, and Chengnanyi Community in Xieqiao Street; Heping Community, Chuxi in Dandu Street Community, Wangjia community, Longsheng community, Longdu community,

Danyuan Community;

(3) Tongren High-tech Zone: Industrial Park.

In addition to the areas identified in the preceding paragraph, the Municipal People's Government may, based on actual conditions, determine and publish areas that are restricted from emitting fireworks.

In addition, in the area where fireworks and firecrackers are restricted in the central urban area, the time allowed for fireworks and firecrackers is from 12:00 on the lunar new year to 14:00 on the first day of the first month, and from 12:00 on the first day of the first month to 1:00 a.m. on the following day. Fireworks are prohibited. (Tongren Daily News reporter Chen Lin)

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