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"Sinan County Landfill Site's Impervious Membrane Damaged, There Are Hidden Environmental Safety Hazards" Publicity Sheet

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长江经济带生态环境问题整改 完成情况公示表 Tongren City People's Government's public notice on the completion of the rectification of the ecological environment in the Yangtze River Economic Belt


问题 Self-examination


The impervious membrane of the landfill area of Sinan County's landfill is damaged and there is a hidden danger to the environment

Responsible unit

城市综合执法局 City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau

People's Government of Sinan County



、祝成 Zhang Yi , Zhu Cheng

contact details


城市综合执法局 0856-8162010 Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau : 0856-8162010


Rectification goals

Eliminate hidden dangers of environmental safety in landfills

Corrective measures

1. Add emergency treatment equipment, treat landfill leachate, and carry out effluent monitoring to ensure compliance with standards;

.实施帷幕灌浆,封堵地下水,解决渗滤液 从库坝外溢 问题; 2. Implement curtain grouting, plug groundwater, and solve the problem of leachate overflowing from reservoir dams ;

.实施盲沟应急抢险工程, 对库坝加固处进行泥土反压,增强库坝稳定性 ,恢复监测井、排水井使用。 3. Implement blind ditch emergency rescue project, carry out soil back pressure on the reinforcement of the dam, enhance the stability of the dam , and restore the use of monitoring wells and drainage wells.

及成效 Major work and results of rectification

新增一套100m³/d渗滤液应急处理设备 现三套设备日处理 能力 160m³ First, a new set of 100m³ / d leachate emergency treatment equipment was added , and the three sets of equipment have a daily processing capacity of 160m³ .

委托贵州省建筑设计院制定《思南县生活垃圾卫生填埋场渗滤液渗漏应急抢险方案》,通过专家审查并组织实施,完成水源钻探18口井,明确地下水位置及走向、完成帷幕灌浆138口井,渗滤液从库坝外溢已解决,并对库坝进行碎石堆袋加固 The second is to entrust the Guizhou Provincial Architectural Design Institute to formulate the "Emergency Rescue Plan for Leachate Leakage in Sinan County Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Site", which is reviewed and organized by experts to complete the drilling of 18 wells at the source of water, clarify the location and direction of groundwater, and complete the curtain Grouting of 138 wells, leachate overflow from the reservoir dam has been resolved, and the bank dam is reinforced with crushed stones .

按照中筑工程设计有限公司制定 《思南县生活垃圾卫生填埋场渗滤液渗漏应急抢险盲沟施工方案》 完成长约80米 深5米 盲沟 2个降水井 及周边 排水沟 建设 ;同时对库坝加固处进行泥土反压,增强库坝稳定性,排水井、监测井、扩散井已恢复正常使用 Thirdly, according to the "Construction Plan for Leakage Leakage Emergency Rescue of Sinan County Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill Site" , which is formulated by China Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd., a blind ditch with a length of about 80 meters and a depth of 5 meters and two precipitation wells are completed. Construction of drainage ditch and surrounding ditch ; At the same time, the earth dam reinforcement site is subjected to soil back pressure to enhance the stability of the dam. Drainage wells, monitoring wells, and diffusion wells have returned to normal use .

已委托第三方 机构 编制《思南县城市生活垃圾卫生填埋场垃圾渗滤液应急处理工程可行性研究报告》,采用原有调节池-氨吹脱-深度厌氧-A2O-沉淀-过滤等工序的生化+雾化处理工艺,将库区渗滤液进行处理后达标排放。 Fourth, a third party agency has been entrusted to prepare the Feasibility Study Report for the Emergency Treatment Project of Landfill Leachate in Sinan County Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill Site, using the original conditioning tank-ammonia stripping-deep anaerobic-A2O-precipitation-filtration The biochemical + atomization treatment process such as the process will discharge the leachate in the reservoir area after treatment. The monthly monitoring of the water quality of the emergency equipment outlets did not exceed the concentration limit of the “Standard for Pollution Control of Domestic Waste Landfill Sites”.

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