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Industrial Revolution: Ebara Sparks of Qiandong Land

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Since the beginning of this year, our city has strictly followed the decisions made by the Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, insisting on strengths and weaknesses, making up for shortcomings, closely focusing on industry selection, training of farmers, technical services, fundraising, organization methods, production and sales docking, interest linkage, The "eight elements" of grass-roots party building, fully promote "a profound industrial revolution to rejuvenate the rural economy," and promote the high-quality development of rural industries.

Industrial development is the key to supporting the poor to escape poverty and not return to poverty. Large-scale, intensive, standardized, and industrialized development is an important way to promote agricultural quality and efficiency, and increase farmers' income. Entering Wutong Village, Tianqiao Township, Sinan County, the mountainous pepper trees stand proudly cold. In recent years, Wutong Village has effectively combined agricultural supply-side structural reforms with industrial poverty alleviation and poverty-stricken households to become rich and increase their income. It has adopted a production and operation model of "farmer professional cooperatives + farmers", invested more than 1 million yuan in project funds, and promoted the implementation of blue pepper planting industry projects. At present, the village has developed 580 acres of blue and green peppers, achieving full coverage of long-term industry. According to the introduction by Wenli, deputy head of Tianqiao Township, the choice of pepper planting industry was because after the inspection, it was found that the local soil and climate are suitable for planting pepper plants. The pepper office established in Sinan County can also provide corresponding technical support for production and planting. After three years, the pepper can be fruited, and after five years, it can enter the high yield period. The economic value is high, and the people can get the income as soon as possible. In order to standardize agricultural production standards and strengthen the supply of high-quality agricultural products, our city has strived to change the concept of agricultural development and production and management of cadres and masses, and guided farmers to actively respond to market development, and strive to gradually form a market that is compatible with market needs, matched with resource endowments, and features. Corresponding agricultural industry layout.

Riding the waves and sailing, the village was revitalized at the time. In 2019, the county's county-level characteristic industrial parks have sprung up, allowing the city's rural economic aggregate to achieve a new leap forward, the comprehensive agricultural production capacity has also been steadily improved, the agricultural industrial structure has become more reasonable, the rural ecological environment has gradually improved, and rural poverty Significant improvement. As of now, the city has completed a total of 1.505 million mu of agricultural industrial structure adjustment, of which 221.7 thousand mu of low-efficiency corn has been reduced, accounting for 102% of the annual target task. 67,000 mu of tea were added, 70,800 mu of fine fruits, 139,500 mu of Chinese medicinal materials, 2.157 million mu of vegetables were planted, and 398 million sticks of edible fungi were completed; 2,701,200 live pigs, 178,400 beef cattle, 86,700 meat sheep, poultry 19.7708 million pigeons were put on the market, and the industrial poverty alleviation led to a continuous increase in income of 113,200 poor people, accounting for 68.4% of the population of 156,600 people who have not been lifted out of poverty. Steady progress was made in the adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure of dams above 500 acres, and efforts were made to create 11 model dam areas and 61 dam areas that met the standards. In the process of agricultural development, Tongren's concept of harmonious development played a "multiple sings" of "ecological prosperity, poverty alleviation, rich farmers, reform of living farmers, and beautiful village farmers".

Yelang has no idle grass, and Qiandi mountain goods are good. Fanjing Cuifeng Tea, Shiqian Moss Tea, Hollow Plums along the River, Guizhou White Goat, Dejiang Gastrodia, Yuping Camellia Tea, Fanjing Mushrooms ... In order to sing "copper goods out of the mountain", our city adheres to the development of characteristics and does quality agriculture article". On the basis of continuing to expand and strengthen the industries with distinctive advantages, we will focus on cultivating and developing a number of competitive new and excellent agricultural products, and constantly improve market competitiveness. Efforts will be made to promote transformation and upgrade, and activate high-quality development “power sources”. Vigorously implement the agricultural product processing industry promotion action, accelerate the introduction of agricultural product processing enterprises that undertake the primary and tertiary industries, build agricultural product deep processing bases, cultivate a large and innovative professional farmer team, and let a group of green and high-quality agricultural products out of the mountains, Popular in the world, so that farmers in the city really get rich on the land. At present, the city has obtained 2 well-known Chinese agricultural products trademarks, 8 Chinese famous trademarks, and 7 national geographical indication protection products.

Looking forward to the future, in 2020, our city will initially establish a modern mountainous high-efficiency agricultural industrial system, production system, and management system with Tongren characteristics. There are 65 provincial agricultural parks, 130 leading enterprises above the provincial level, and 200 demonstration cooperatives at the provincial level. There are 440 leading enterprises above the municipal level. The "shell shell" of farmers' cooperatives has been completely eliminated. 100% of farmers have joined the cooperatives, and 100% of cooperatives are driven by enterprises. They strive to advance through the leadership of the city, and expand the industrial scale, optimize the industrial layout, and expand. Significant results have been achieved in sales channels, strengthening of scientific research, and strengthening of interest linkages. It has achieved leadership in advancing the industry's "one year breakthrough and two years up" to provide strong support for the victory of poverty alleviation and the promotion of rural development. ( Yang Yangmeng)

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