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Continue to fight ... They are fighting to fight poverty

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In the deep winter season, a group of people are still active in every corner of the eastern Guizhou land, from the fields and farmyards to the poverty alleviation workshops and industrial bases ...

With the trust of the organization, shouldering the glorious mission, they resolutely carried their bags, stepped out of the building, left the city, moved to the countryside, and walked into the masses. They fought on the front line of poverty alleviation and wrote hard and hard as a new chapter of the times.

Not only do they have the courage to "respond to their responsibilities, to give up who they are", but also have the courage to "do not fear hardships and practice hard work," but they also have the selfless feelings of "giving up a small home for everyone".

They are paired to help cadres in the village.

In recent years, in order to further promote the sinking of formidable forces and win the battle against poverty, our city has accurately selected 1,558 “first secretary”, 7,152 cadres in the village, 7020 cadres assisting in production, and 41750 cadres not in production. Fighting poverty all around the front line, fighting side by side with the masses, solving problems from village to village, pulling the roots of poverty from house to house, consolidating the city's sharp forces to launch a general attack on poverty.

Selecting elite soldiers to build grass-roots fortresses

In March 2016, You Long was selected from the Development and Reform Bureau of Shiqian County to Taoziyuan Village, Wude Town, Shiqian County. He still remembers the situation when he first arrived in Taoziyuan Village. "There is only one concrete road in the village, and the road is not long. There are no industries."

After staying in the village, he entered the peasant households, settled in the fields, grasped party building, and promoted poverty alleviation ... He "involved in" the grassroots affectionate people, and the villagers saw it. In the village for 3 years, Taoziyuan Village has developed from a "empty shell village" to a special industrial village led by tea production and processing, edible rabbit breeding, and pepper and fruit planting. You Long not only led the villagers to develop the industry, but also allowed all the villagers and groups to access the cement road, drink safe water, and let the people live a good life. "Did Secretary You come down to help us build the road? Are there any good policies this time? When will the road on the back of the mountain start?" Today, the villagers trust him like they trust their family.

In March 2018, 41-year-old Liao Weiping, assistant to the judge of the People's Court of Songtao Miao Autonomous County, became the first secretary of Bamu Village, Ganlong Town, the county. When he first arrived in Bamu Village, reality left the first secretary with a "chic" impression-"poor, dirty, messy, the masses called the cadres incompetent, and the cadres complained too much about the masses."

The villagers are constantly questioning the new secretary from outside: This new secretary who speaks Mandarin can neither understand the dialect of Guizhou nor lack the experience of rural life in Guizhou. What can he do?

Indeed, the villagers' worries are not unreasonable. Liao Weiping is from Jiangxi and is an authentic foreigner. When he was the first secretary of Bamu Village, he came to Tongren less than a year ago. The first four clerks in his village before him stayed the longest, not more than a month. However, Liao Weiping also has his own unique strengths: graduated from Nanchang University with a master's degree in law, and has a strong professional foundation, allowing him to deal with contradictions in the village.

Rectify the "soft, weak, scattered, and chaotic" problems of the village party organization, fight for project funds to build infrastructure, and develop industries to lead the villagers to become rich ... After 1 year, the village appearance of Bamu Village was renewed, and the drinking water safety problem was solved. It's on, the signal is on, and even the household road is on. The arrival of Liao Weiping made the whole village see hope. The villager Luo Hengbing described him, saying, "Secretary Liao is like a flower on this tree. It is hard to find a lantern."

You Long and Liao Weiping are the epitome of the village cadres who are fighting for poverty in the city. Since the start of the assistance work, our city has strictly selected standards, strengthened the support force, and extended the support chain. From city and county levels, 108 department-level cadres have been appointed to 106 villages and towns in deep poverty villages. 319 deputy-level cadres at or above the ranks served as party branch secretaries in deeply impoverished villages, and selected 1,558 first secretaries and 6,558 cadres in the villages to take turns to set up poverty-stricken villages; 168 cadres were selected from municipal units. Districts and counties selected 88 cadres (among which 98 were from county-level units and districts and counties), and formed county supervision teams and township supervision teams to supervise and guide the proposed poverty alleviation work for counties; clarified the main leaders of the municipal party committee and city government The main leaders of the Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC, members of the municipal party committee and the municipal government team increased 2 administrative villages with a poverty incidence rate of more than 20% to ensure that they concentrated their efforts on the poor areas.

Fight hard and work hard together. At the critical moment of poverty alleviation, our city has settled in the weak and scattered villages where the contradictions are more prominent, the industrial development is lagging behind, and the ability to bring wealth is not Strong poverty-stricken villages, ethnic minority settlements, located in mountainous areas, and poorly-developed ethnic villages, have made important contributions to winning the battle against poverty.

The new normal for strict work in villages

At 10 pm on September 9 this year, the combat room for poverty alleviation in Luojiaba Village, Sunjiaba Town, Sinan County was brightly lit. The leader of the village work team, Li Chenglu, was reporting on the progress of the current key tasks. Chang Tianjie, the frontline commander of Changjia and Sunjiaba Township ’s poverty alleviation campaign, is listening to the report in detail during the daytime visits, looking at the visit records from time to time, and asking questions. There is no response to the work arrangement, and the effectiveness of the responsibilities has not been resolved. In order to rectify poverty alleviation, the work is not detailed, the work style is not good, the implementation is not in place, and the rectification is not timely. The problems of formalism and bureaucracy are poor. A weak-hearted village resident assists cadres in serious accountability. As of now, the town has issued 50 inspection reports, 12 reports of criticisms, 34 people were reminded to talk, and 7 cases were filed.

This is just a microcosm of the city's strict management of village-assistance cadres. In order to ensure the timely fight against poverty, we will pass on the strong pressure of resident village work at all levels, and urge the village resident cadres to stay in place and help, so that the village resident cadres will have a new normal when they work. Measures taken simultaneously: comprehensive implementation of the "four transfers" in village management, the transfer of 7714 first secretaries, village cadres and off-duty cadres assigned by cities and counties to assist cadres in party organization relations, wage relations, management relations, and evaluation relations Go to the help village or the township (street) where the village is located, effectively give the "baton" of the assessment, management and other relationships to the township, implement four annual centralized review and dynamic management mechanisms for the relationship, and fundamentally solve the village assistance The problem of poor management and management of cadres and towns. Control often, control daily. Adopt the method of “online dynamic supervision + offline cross-oversight” to strengthen the management of “two committees, one team and three people”, and use the Tongren Wisdom Party to build a cloud platform to conduct the on-site performance of the city ’s first secretary and village cadres. Spot checks and monthly reports, offline or regular cross-checks on the performance of duties, unannounced visits and supervision, forced the "two committees, one team and three people" to perform their duties. Innovatively promulgated the "Administrative Measures for Tongren City's Poverty Alleviation and Pairing and Assisting Cadres (Trial)", which includes pairing and supporting cadres selected by party and government agencies at all levels of the city and enterprises and institutions into the scope of management. The three aspects of punishment are clearly defined, the management of helping cadres is further strengthened, and the responsibility for helping cadres is tightened and consolidated.

According to the requirements of "sending the most capable person" and "the first secretary of the village and the leader of the resident working group must be department-level cadres or department-level reserve cadres. Village cadres must be party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions at all levels The unit is working on the job. The first secretary of a deeply impoverished village and the secretary of the village party organization must be a cadre at or above the deputy section level. "This year, our city has adjusted or newly appointed 236 first secretaries, 233 cadres stationed in the village, and 24 village party secretaries.

In March 2017, the staff of the Jiangkou County Party Committee Office Xiangli came to Jinghe Village, Dewang Township, and became the first secretary of the post-90s village. In May this year, due to her solid work in the village, she was promoted to deputy mayor of Bapan Town. In Tongren, like Xiang Li, she has been outstanding for her work in poverty alleviation, and she has received a lot of commendations from organizations at all levels to motivate and promote the reuse of the poverty alleviation leaders.

Both strict control and love. In recent years, the city has formulated and implemented five implementation rules from five aspects: leadership in political education, leadership in selection and appointment, promotion of fault tolerance and correction, promotion of incentives, and promotion of "key minorities" in five areas, which constituted the care of cadres on the front line of poverty alleviation. Incentive "1 + 5" system.

This year, the city has promoted a total of 680 cadres (including 30 county-level cadres), transferred 275 important posts (including 4 county-level cadres), and promoted to 468 (including 113 county-level cadres). First-line civil servants for poverty alleviation and relocation were assigned 156 person-times, and 68 village and township civil servants were recruited for those village cadres, college students, village officials, first clerks and village cadres who performed well in poverty alleviation.

Taking root in fertile soil at the grassroots level

"Dad, why are you always so busy? What exactly do you do?" After missing her daughter's piano exam again, her daughter asked a series of questions that made Zhang Zhigang unable to answer. For a long time, the "first secretary" of the village of Aixin Village, Guanzhou Township along the river always seemed to be "absent" in her daughter's growth. He knew which child in the village was in his senior year and where he was studying at university, but he didn't know where his child's classroom was. He remembered which family in the village had many children, but forgot his child's birthday.

Long-term sinking in the grassroots, eating and living in the village. In the days when the second daughter was just born, Jin Yong, the "first secretary" in the village of Nisao Village, Bahuang Town, Bijiang District, did not spend a day with her at home, but only took a look at the hospital. For a long time, he has not complained because he cannot take care of his elderly mother, cannot take care of his wife and children, and has not been tired and tired because of his heavy work.

"The village's poverty alleviation task is heavy. I have to rush back today, take care of yourself." After visiting the hospital shortly after the birth, the wife who was still in hospital for ten minutes, set foot on the journey of helping the village. Hou Yuanjun is the "first secretary" of the village of Hongxing Village, Guanzhou Town, Hehe. For nearly four years, everything in the family has fallen on his wife. When asked about his eldest daughter's final exam results, he shook his head slightly.

In May of this year, Peng Zhuo, the secretary of the party branch of Shaba Village in Tangtou Town, Sinan County, accidentally slipped under the dam of the farmer's yard when he carried out a survey of the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure in the province in 2019, causing his left eye to be completely blind. "In the beginning, it was impossible to accept, but God was fair. Compared to those cancer patients, I was lucky. I now think that it is not feasible to grow wild mushrooms in Shaba Village ..." Losing an eye Did not let him think of "quitting." The gauze hadn't been dismantled, and Peng Shao rushed back to the battlefield again.

In Zhuchang Village, Quankou Town, Dejiang County, Tian Weitao, deputy director of the village committee, twice laughed at death on the battlefield of poverty alleviation, but he still kept his post and forgot to work. In June 2016, in order to improve the relevant information on precision poverty alleviation in Pig Farm Village, Tian Weitao went to the town's poverty alleviation station to work overtime continuously, and suddenly fell to the ground on the fourth night. In July 2017, when Tian Weitao went to the town's poverty alleviation station to dock the poverty alleviation work, due to the rugged mountain road, he rolled over the hump not far from home, resulting in a comminuted fracture of the right foot embryo. Since serving as a village cadre in the village, driving a tricycle to help the people take crops for free, do ideological work for the masses, and mediate disputes among the masses ... is something that Tian Weitao often does. For everything the masses ask for, he has never shied away, handled it carefully, Take it seriously and help the masses solve practical difficulties. Tian Weitao, who did not ask for returns, did a lot of good and practical things at the expense of the individual interests for the village collective and the masses. The villagers in Zhuchang Village and the surrounding villages are consciences and good people, and keep giving him thumbs up.

After picking flowers and honey, for whom is it hard and sweet? Going to the grass-roots level, they are willing to give up their homes and take care of everyone, always rest assured that the masses are warm and warm, and do their best for them. Dedicated to the fight against poverty, they are working hard and walking in the forefront. They dare to take responsibility and overcome difficulties. They are struggling in this vast and hot land to help the people to solve their difficulties. They are really helping and restlessly, and a new era is blooming. The radiance of grassroots party members and cadres.

Lack of grass-roots work experience, lack of language, lack of understanding of the village situation, and distrust of the masses ... At the beginning of their stay in the village, they all encountered difficulties.

In order to familiarize and grasp the basic situation of the village as soon as possible, Jiangkou County official and the first secretary of Sidu Village, Long Yuefei insist on measuring the people's situation, going from house to house or going to the field every day, chatting with the people, pulling home, checking the actual situation, Understand the needs of the masses and seek their ideas. For more than a month, Long Yuefei was full of two notebooks and worn out three pairs of sneakers.

In the past, the vast majority of young people went out to work, leaving only the women, children, old and young, who usually work at sunrise and sunset, planting only traditional crops such as rice, corn, and sweet potatoes every year. The industrial development of Sidu Village is almost zero. Now through the development of Chinese medicinal materials, cold-water fish and other characteristic ecological industries, the "enterprise + cooperatives + village collectives + the masses" interest link model is used to achieve full coverage of poor households and promote the village collectives and the masses to become rich. At the end of 17, the village's first batch of dividends, the average household income increased by 3,000 yuan.

When Xu Qing, the first secretary of the village of Chayuan Village, Qingyang Township, Shiqian County, was assisting, a long-time migrant villager did n’t understand the ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation policy, and punched her head in a hurry ... … During the hospitalization, Xu Qing thought for a few days, thinking that her policy was not well publicized, which led the villager to misunderstand the work of village cadres. After leaving the hospital, Xu Qing took the initiative to communicate with the villager to explain. After that, the villager strongly supported the road construction, land transfer and industrial structure adjustment in the village. "How can a young lady who does not touch the spring water with ten fingers can do the ideological work of ordinary villagers?" For three years in the village, Xu Qing made a lot of efforts to close the distance with the villagers and do the ideological work of the villagers well. Her dress and conversation have become more and more "rustic", but this "rustic" in everyone's eyes has become the basis for leading villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich.

"Helping the people in need to increase their income and get rid of poverty is the top priority." Always keeping in mind the account of the county party committee when they were stationed in the village, Xu Qing helped Qingyang villagers to pass through hardened roads and tap water. Ten thousand yuan, all the poor households realized "two cares and three guarantees". Today, the village has concentrated the transfer of 382 acres of land, 220 acres of peppers, 600 acres of tea, 100 acres of Chinese herbal medicines, and 50 beef cattle. Last year, the village collective economic income was more than 100,000 yuan, and 82,300 yuan in land transfer funds were distributed to farmers. 96 poor households received 65,800 yuan in dividends.

In order to pave the way for the villagers to get rid of poverty and get rich, Zhang Shuguang, the original branch secretary of Chuanyan Village in Yinjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, crossed the threshold of road construction difficulty in 20 years. In the winter of 2015, Chuanyan Huancun Hardened Road with an investment of 4.428 million yuan was officially launched, but new problems followed. The project will demolish a house, 7 shacks, and move 45 tombs ... Villagers are not willing. In a fierce dispute, the young and vigorous villagers hit Zhang Shuguang. But he was not discouraged. The next day, he took the lead in moving the ancestor's grave, doing ideological work one household at a time. In less than a month, all the preliminary work such as house demolition and grave removal were completed in peace and consciousness.

While building the road, Zhang Shuguang has been thinking about how to get the masses out of poverty as soon as possible. The rocky desertification in Chuanyan Village is serious. Zhang Shuguang is trying to lead the villagers to change the slope to maintain soil and water while guiding the people to plant trees, protect forests, and raise mountains. Nowadays, the firecrackers of the Chuanyan Village Road have sounded. In the past, the barren mountains have been forested and grassy, and flowers, greenhouses and other special industries that can only be seen on TV have risen in Chuanyan. "The land has vegetables and the farm has livestock." On September 4, 2016, Zhang Shuguang helped villager Tian Rufen's house accidentally in the process of building a house, and he fell forever on the road to poverty alleviation. In this year, 42 households in Chuanyan Village were lifted out of poverty, and the per capita income of the whole village reached 6815 yuan. Chuanyan crossed the poor ridge and moved towards a well-off society.

The Jinggan stone has no feathers. How difficult is it to advancing? When facing difficulties, they have overcome obstacles, and with patience, care and love, they led the villagers to the road to get out of the mountains and get rich, and set up the "link to the heart." They "can't get off the fire with minor injuries", and some people even fell forever on the road to poverty alleviation. They pour out the hopes of the people with hard sweat and pragmatic style to solve the problems for the masses. They brainstorm and actively seek ways to break through and transform. Their fighting spirit is high, with a firm and heroic "do not break Loulan vows not to return," fighting fierce fighting poverty. (Zhang Chenxi and Wu Nia)

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