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Tongren: Grassroots governance "governs" gives happiness

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Persuaded more than 40 internet addicted teenagers to stay away from Internet cafes, help teach 23 young people who violated the law and discipline, and juried bail minors more than 60 times ...

At the age of 90, Jian Chaochen, the director of the Care Committee for the Next Generation in Qiujie, Songtao Miao Autonomous County, has held on for 24 years in this unpaid, often "paid money" position.

He is one of the typical representatives of Tongren City residents participating in grassroots governance.

A cartoon on the wall of Yekang Community, Nanmuyuan Community, Yushui Street, Dejiang County, vividly shows the related policies of the "second half" article of ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation, which brings convenience to the community residents.

In recent years, various districts and counties in Tongren City have combined urban and rural community governance with the needs of the masses and local realities, and have innovated and made a lot of good experience, including the "Five Governance Work Method", "Village Two Committees + Rural Magistrates' Association, The "Community Governance of the Five Communist Communities" and the "five-element co-governance" community governance model have increased the satisfaction and happiness of the people.

Five-rule work method "rules out" a harmonious city

Rosie, who is only 1.1 meters tall, had difficulty entering school after graduating from junior high school because of her "short board" height. With the help of Jian Chaochen, in September 2019, Luo Qian smoothly entered the county vocational school and began to study computer science.

Jian Chaochen's efforts of "caring for students with special difficulties" belong to the "group co-governance" part of the "five-government work law" chain in the community management of Pujie Street.

Qiongjie Street is located in the urban area of Songtao Autonomous County, with 29 communities and a total population of 160,000. In recent years, economic and social development and urbanization have made rapid progress, resulting in frequent resettlement problems; complex social conditions and public opinion caused by ex-situ poverty alleviation, floating population, etc .; several communities have been listed because of chaos in public order Supervised ... The situation of social governance is severe.

Tang Yuan, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Jiedao Sub-district, said that how to do a good job at the grassroots level once became a problem faced by the sub-district office.

After two years of exploration and practice, he frankly stated that the "five-rule work method" of "branch governance, community self-government, comprehensive governance, collective governance, and supervision by the supervisory committee" was "forced" by actual work. Mode is also an effective working method that has been tested in practice.

Leadership of branches, giving full play to the core role of each community branch, deploying comprehensive community governance work every quarter.

Community self-government, through the formulation of the "Residents Convention", guides the masses to self-supervision, education and service. The community is divided into 29 grids for management. The "Xueliang Project" covers back streets and alleys. Each community has formed a voluntary patrol team to minimize the hidden dangers of public security.

Comprehensive governance governs the establishment of people's mediation committees in each community, with one village, one police and one village, one legal adviser. "Three things are not out of the group, big things are not out of the community, and contradictions are not turned in." The "three-color" management of drug addicts that originated in the Jiedao community has been promoted by the county.

In 2017, the Matianlong community was awarded the "National Model People's Mediation Committee" by the Ministry of Justice. The former branch secretary of the Matianlong community and the director of the Supervision Committee, Li Chunfa, and the current party secretary He Faqing were named "Excellent People's Mediator" by the provinces and cities.

Group governance together, mobilize the professional advantages of the Customs Working Committee, Women's Federation, Youth League and other group organizations to solve problems for the masses; supervision by the Supervisory Committee, give full play to the role of the community supervision committee, and let everyone “stand up and perform their duties” and maintain Civilization and harmony. For example, in addition to monitoring the daily income and expenditures of the community and party members' life style, the Zhanggui Community Supervision Committee also supervised the bad habits of the residents.

Starting from the difficult hard bones, starting from the issues most concerned by the masses, the streets have continuously consolidated the institutional and social foundations of harmonious communities.

The village council "manages" the beautiful countryside

"The system is to let the villagers come to be directors, and the villagers have the final say."

"Generally, 5 to 11 people are composed of the chairman, deputy chairman, and members of the council. The elected people must implement the party's line, principles, and policies, be of good character, enthusiastic about public affairs, and consciously accept supervision ..."


"Village council" system, the village affairs let the villagers care.

In 2019, the Songtao Autonomous County will lead the party construction and establish a villagers' council with “village groups and natural villages as the unit” to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of villagers to participate in village affairs and build their homes, forming a powerful joint force to help fight poverty and strengthen rural areas.

At present, Songtao has formed 3058 village councils and elected 15,197 council members.

2019 is the year of poverty alleviation in Songtao County. The county has launched the "big rectification and transformation" work in the tackling phase, and the work to lay a solid foundation has been fully rolled out. Songtao Autonomous County integrates related rural housing security policies such as the reconstruction of dilapidated houses in rural areas and the improvement of the living environment of poor households, and makes good use of the "village council" to promote rural transformation.

"Manage" good hardware facilities-

Diyi Village of Mushu Town is located among the mountains. After the three villages in the village set up a "Village Council", they called on migrant villagers to return to the village to improve the living environment. Xidi Yizhai Village raised 45,000 yuan through WeChat groups for village appearance construction, and the other two villages were not willing to paint the gourds.

"Li" out of the style of civilization-

Under the guidance of the villagers' council, every household here has trash cans, and the self-produced garbage is self-selling, and the environmental sanitation construction is progressing in an orderly manner. The villagers picked up the garbage and threw it into the trash. This small movement witnessed the innovation of the villagers' ideas.

"Li" out of the country beauty-

Entering Shangpeng Village, Huangban Town, bamboo woven fences were affixed with slogans such as "Put up your sleeves and work hard", "Good living environment and good social atmosphere". The silhouettes on the boards outside the village committee and on the wall are contrasted, telling about the changes in the village.

With the villagers' council, the people in the upper shed in Huangban Town changed from “bystanders” in village appearance construction to “participants” and from “poor households” to “model households for environmental sanitation”.

Shangpeng Village, Huangban Town, the village appearance is neat. Everyone plugged in a five-star red flag to feel the party's gratitude. (Photo by Long Yuanbin)

Data show that in 2019, the overall image of rural drinking water projects in Songtao Autonomous County has been completed 100%; 13,747 households have been renovated for ventilation and leakage, accounting for 100% of the tasks; 45983 households have been rehabilitated for human settlements, and 41,911 square meters have been hardened in front of houses. Lianhu Road is hardened 1295.34 kilometers.

Not only that, the villagers' council also identified the deep-fried fish with deep feelings. The villagers posted gratitude couplets and sent gratitude letters. The "micro-autonomy" organization system in rural areas has effectively improved the rural governance capacity of Songtao County.

"Two educations" "bred" happy immigrant communities

Reservoir, ecology and ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation "three types of immigrants" lived together. The four communities of Ankang, Jukang, Lekang, and Yekang in Nanmuyuan Community, Yushui Street, Dejiang County, lived in 12,886 relocated people.

Because there are many differences in the enjoyment of policies, living habits, and ideological understanding among the relocated people from different towns and villages throughout the county, community governance has faced great challenges.

The Nanmuyuan community in Yushui Street, Dejiang County is populated with reservoirs, ecology and ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation "three types of immigrants."

In response to this situation, the Nanmuyuan Community Party Branch decided to start with "two educations" and widely launch "grateful education" and "self-improvement education" among immigrants, guide immigrants to thank the country's policy of benefiting the people, consciously change backward living habits, and improve Entrepreneurial skills and employment skills have truly achieved "movability, stability, and prosperity."

"For example, the houses of the migrants in the reservoir have to pay for them, but the relocated people in the ex situ do not spend a penny to" check in ". It is inevitable that some people do not understand the policy and cannot figure it out." An Xuhe, Deputy Director of Yushui Subdistrict Office Introduce that in terms of "thanksgiving education", the community requires every community cadre to learn the policies and laws and regulations of immigrants in three aspects, calculate the "benefit account", and put the party and government's care and help on immigration in place. "In fact, there are also many unique preferential policies for reservoir resettlement, such as long-term subsidies and later support."

At the same time, a community preaching group was formed to guide the immigrants to internalize "gratefulness" to the outside world with the carrier of the New Age Civilization Practice Center, community education, and night school. At present, three literary teams have been established, 12 cadre talk activities have been carried out, and 3 large-scale activities have been carried out.

"We used to evoke a sketch in three days. Community cadres and immigrants 'changed roles' on the stage, which really promoted transposition thinking and mutual understanding, and the response was very good." An Xuhe said.

Strengthen the "self-reliance education" activities, the community often uses the opportunity of holding mass meetings to carry out "civicization" training; actively organize labor skills training, and provide preferential employment and entrepreneurship policies for immigrants.

After relocating from Chaoyang Township to Nanmuyuan Community, Li Qixiang opened a small restaurant here.

The Li Qixiang family of four relocated from Chaoyang Township to Nanmuyuan Community in March 2017. "I used to work as a chef in a restaurant, and I took my children in a rental house. The monthly expenses can be described as" nothing left ".

Not afraid to buy a house, let alone Li Qixiang who can open a shop by himself. After moving to the Nanmuyuan community, the family had a place to live. With the mobilization of community cadres, the couples "woke up" on the facade of the community that can be rented in three phases in the first year. At first, I borrowed two thousand yuan as a deposit, added simple equipment, and started a restaurant. Today, business is booming, with gross income of more than 1,000 yuan per day, and it is planning to expand its appearance.

An Xuhe said that in the future Nanmuyuan community will continue to improve the "five systems" and do a good job of "the second half of the article." Focus on the "four-entry community" of gratitude education, the establishment of civilization, public culture, and ethnic heritage, so that immigrants can better integrate into modern city life. The "endogenous motivation improvement class" was held to further stimulate the spiritual motivation of the masses to rid themselves of poverty. (Written by Li Yuanli / Chen Peng)

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