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Lanzhou Daily praises the Tongren model for fighting poverty

Tongren City Government Website

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This is a profound change taking place in the Wuling Mountains. This is a time of courage to cut off the roots of poverty. This is a historical opportunity to transform the future.

On November 20, with the relocation of the Zhengguang resettlement site in Bijiang District, 19968 people relocated, and the Tongren High-tech Industrial Development Zone resettlement site relocated, 8,578 people, Tongren City fully completed the plan to relocate 293,300 people.

Of the 293,300 people, 125,500 were relocated across districts and counties. 125,500 people moved directly from the Shenshan, Shishan, and Tongren main districts. The number and population were large, equivalent to the size of a medium-sized county. Provincial cities have the largest number, creating a Tongren miracle of cross-region relocation.

Cut off the poor roots and live in a good house

The 100-square-meter three-bedroom, one-room apartment is complete with appliances and clean windows. This is a new house after the relocation of An Jingxu, a villager from Nanshan Village, Tianqiao Township, Sinan County. There are all kinds of activities centers, clinics, business centers, nostalgia halls, kindergartens, living and shopping supermarkets in the community. Today's life is so good that An Jingxu feels unreal. "The earth-shaking changes! I never thought I could have a house in the city and the environment is so good." The community has convenient transportation, the grandchildren are close to school, and the family's medical care is guaranteed , An Jingxu's family bid farewell to the "poor nest", and started a happy and beautiful new life.

The An Jingxu family is a microcosm of the 283,000 relocated poor in Tongren City.

Tongren City is located in a particularly difficult area of Wuling Mountains. It belongs to a typical karst landform. The western region has high mountains, steep slopes, deep valleys, poor natural conditions, poor infrastructure, and lagging industrial development. It depends on transportation, communication, and people's living conditions. "One party cannot support one party with soil and water." With the overall deployment of resolute poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, and Peng Fu Road, and resolutely winning the fight against poverty and the revitalization of the countryside, Tongren regards ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation as the top priority and number one project in poverty alleviation. The masses moved to counties and urban areas, and the long-term well-being of the relocated masses was improved.

In order to allow the relocated people to live in the communities with good production and living conditions, Tongren City selected the sites with good location conditions as the sites for ex-situ poverty alleviation resettlement communities, and in accordance with the "six connections in all directions" (water, electricity, telephone, television network, Wireless network, supporting sports square, farmer's market, parking lot, health room, school, financial service outlets, public toilets, sewage or garbage treatment facilities) as the standard for relocation settlements.

The new house is OK, the masses have the final say. The move-out and move-in places jointly organize the masses who meet the conditions for the relocation to visit the resettlement community's perfect public service facilities such as education, medical care, transportation, employment, etc., so that the relocated people have the bottom, the heart, the hope, and the people. Motivation and willingness to relocate.

A total of more than 17 billion yuan has been invested in ex-situ poverty alleviation resettlement houses, so that the relocated people can enjoy a comfortable life with good location conditions and good supporting facilities, and let the people in the mountains live in a good house.

Improve services and live a good life

Qian Xiaoqi, a relocated mass in Dashaba Township, Shiqian County, has three sons. "I heard that going to school in the city is more trouble than in the countryside, and I was a bit worried at the time." After moving here, Qian Xiaoqi found that her worries became unnecessary and the community convenience service center There is a special education window. She only needs to go to the window to register, and the Education Bureau uniformly arranges school for the nearest child. At the beginning of the new semester, Qian Xiaoqi ’s children are studying at the sixth and fourth primary schools. They only need to walk ten minutes away from home. The 3-year-old child also successfully enrolled in the community kindergarten. Qian Xiaoqi said gratefully, “Thanks for the good Policy, the child is in control of school, and is close to home, which is much better than in his hometown! "

In order to guarantee the enrollment of relocated children, Tongren City will give priority to addressing the problem of relocating poverty-stricken children in school in accordance with the principle of “relocating one, accepting one, and relocating one.” The green channels will be opened through the coordination of district and county education bureaus, and education windows will be set up in the convenience service centers of resettlement communities. , To reduce the phenomenon of relocating the masses to go back and forth to run the household registration, one-stop solution to the issue of moving children to school.

At the same time, Bijiang District, Wanshan District, Dalong Development Zone, and high-tech zones have been set up to support the establishment of new schools. 66 resettlement schools (29 kindergartens, 23 primary schools, 14 junior high schools) are planned for relocation or expansion. Thirty-four schools have been built. At the same time, teaching facilities and teachers are equipped to meet the needs of relocated children's nearest school and provide them with convenient and complete supporting schools. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the city invested more than 5 billion yuan to improve supporting facilities such as education and medical care.

In terms of medical treatment, the relocated people have a "green channel" and enjoy convenient and efficient services to open the "medical road" to the relocated people in all directions. In the corresponding hospitals, the relocated people can go to the hospital as long as they hold their ID cards. No prepayment of hospitalization fees is required. They can be settled at the time of discharge and can be reimbursed on-site for 75% of treatment costs. . Among them, the poverty-stricken households who set up a file and implemented the practice of “seeing the doctor before paying”, and the temporary assistance provided by the civil affairs department in the place where the migrants are located have realized the “seamless connection” of reimbursement for medical expenses of the immigrants.

In order to make it easier for the relocated people to handle affairs, all resettlement communities in the city have set up convenience service centers, which are equipped with education, health, civil affairs, human society, public security and other service windows. The "one-stop" service provides convenience and efficiency for the relocated people. Fast and efficient services have greatly improved the satisfaction of the relocated people and accelerated their integration into urban life.

Strive for a good future

At the Delong New District Labor Cooperative in Dalong Development Zone, I saw that the workers in the workshop were busy with their work in an orderly manner, and the workshops such as sewing and lighter equipment were busy. The workers were the relocated people in Delong New District. Everyone here I am very satisfied with my work. "I can arrange my time freely and earn some pocket money. I think it is very good."

In the poverty alleviation workshop in Wuyang New District, Kanghua Community, Pingxi Street, Yuping Autonomous County, more than a hundred people were busy in an orderly manner, and the lighter parts assembly stations were neatly arranged. Hu Meiying is assembling lighter LED lights. Before moving, she was working as a farmer with children, and now she can enter the factory in the community. She said: "It's all on hand. There can be sixty or seventy yuan a day, which is enough to subsidize households."

In the artificial intelligence industry poverty alleviation incubation park of Wangjia Garden Community in Wanshan District, Yao Lan ’s two sons are working as artificial intelligence educators, and her husband and herself are also working in the community ’s poverty alleviation “micro factory”. A family of four went upstairs Living, employment downstairs ".

In the Pingheda Xingfu resettlement community in Yinjiang Autonomous County, the relocating people, Ren Liuting, registered and established Guizhou Feiyue Network Technology Co., Ltd. in partnership with others because of their working experience abroad. Later, in order to promote the employment of the relocated poor people, Guizhou Happy Women's Housekeeping Service was registered. The company has driven the employment of other relocated people. Talking about the future, Ren Liuting was full of confidence: "Not only did I feed a family, but also helped 25 targeted poor households find employment, which enabled them to earn a living after moving out. The next step will be to manage and operate the company well and drive more. People employed. "

Relocation is the means, and poverty alleviation is the goal. Most of the relocated people are villagers who work at home and farm. They have basically no skills. In order to ensure the stable employment of the relocated people, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs aims to solve the problems such as poor skills, few jobs, and difficult employment for the relocated people. Carry out skills training, recommend jobs, and provide employment guidance to help achieve employment. At the same time, the poverty alleviation workshop was introduced into the resettlement site, and companies with a large number of relocated laborers around the resettlement site were identified as employment bases for poverty alleviation and given policy support; boarded the “East and West Poverty Alleviation” train, and vigorously carried out cooperation with Suzhou's counterpart help and labor services Organize and guide ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation laborers to go out to work and increase income; implement employment assistance, vigorously develop public welfare positions such as sanitation workers, security, and resettle employment suitable for people with difficulties in relocation; strengthen employment support, and strengthen the employment support for those who are willing and entrepreneurial. Ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation of the masses, through the provision of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, the implementation of entrepreneurial subsidy policies to help achieve self-employment.

Up to now, there are 90,928 laborers in the city's ex situ poverty alleviation and relocation population, and the employment implementation rate of at least "one household per person or more" in ex situ poverty alleviation households is 100%. In 2019, the city carried out 14019 person-time skills training for the relocated masses and 53438 person-times for civic awareness; developed public welfare posts to resettle the relocated labor force and employed 1,482 people; supported the relocated people to start their own businesses, and motivated the relocated people to employ 2,260 people.

Moving into a new home, becoming a new citizen, supporting the same city, providing the same public services, and treating the same citizen ... The happiness of the relocated people has been increasing day by day, and they are sprinting for a better life with "acceleration".

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