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There are standards to follow and specifications to follow! Our city will build a standardization research institute

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In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Government on deepening the reform of standardization work and carrying out quality improvement actions, and explore the establishment of a new model and support system for standardization work and a new model of school-industry-industry-integrated development. Experience, promote the implementation of the strategy of “Bronze with quality and strong brand,” and lead the improvement of Tongren ’s quality. Recently, the Tongren Municipal People ’s Government approved the establishment of the Tongren Institute of Standardization by Tongren College and Tongren Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

The Tongren Institute of Standardization is the first institution specializing in standardization research at the provincial (city) level in Guizhou. It can also undertake related work on standardization research both inside and outside the province. The establishment of the institute will solve the shortcomings of Tongren's lack of standards, difficulty in finding standards, difficulty in setting standards, difficulty in using standards and upgrading standards, and help Tongren industry to improve the standardization of production, service, and management. Play an important role.

It is reported that the established Tongren Institute of Standardization is a non-research institute of Tongren College. It will hire standardization experts and scholars from across the province as an academic advisory team and set up an academic committee to take into account the major realities of standardization work in the high-quality development of Tongren's economy and society. Issues, as well as forward-looking and strategic issues, focus on Tongren's agricultural and rural development, modern service industry, basic public services, big health, big tourism, big data, green manufacturing, modern mountainous high-efficiency characteristic agriculture, famous and special industries The industry carries out standardization research services such as standard formulation (revision), standard topic research, standard results transformation, and standard technical consulting, and strives to create a standard development collaborative innovation platform, standard research decision-making consulting platform, and standard service achievement transformation that serve Tongren and radiate the surrounding areas. The platform and standardized personnel training platform provide strong technical support for Tongren's standardization work. (Tong Qiyuan, reporter from Luoyi Tongren Daily and Rong Media)

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