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Wan Shan: "People ask for honesty", ask for "spicy taste", activate cadres

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"In our village, some villagers have built houses and cars at home. Why are they considered poor?"

"At the time, the government propaganda to us that ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation of housing did not cost money. Why did we ask the relocated people to pay some money themselves?"

"My family has a relative who is a poor household. Why did his child's school subsidy last year not get it? What is the reason?"

"This year, we have to pay 250 yuan for urban and rural residents' insurance. Why is it higher?"

On December 26, Wanshan District held a TV interview program "People Asking for Honesty" with the theme of "Striving for Poverty Alleviation", listening to the voices of the people face to face, actively responding to the demands of the people, focusing on managing the "micropower" of grassroots cadres, "Corruption" continued to improve the people's sense of well-being and happiness. Mass representatives from all towns (streets) in the district participated in the activity.

The questionees in this issue are the main or in-charge persons of the Wanshan District Poverty Alleviation Office, the Education Bureau, the Medical Insurance Bureau, and the Civil Administration Bureau. Under the stage, 28 mass representatives selected from villagers, party representatives at all levels, deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC, and members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection served as an evaluation panel to conduct a "satisfactory" evaluation of the "respond to the integrity" of the subjects. From how to identify poor households, relocating poverty alleviation to education, subsidizing education to poverty alleviation, and residents' medical insurance, these people's livelihood issues are closely related to the people's livelihood. On the stage, the questioned units took turns to accept "torture."

"Today, I participated in the activities of asking the public about the issue. I was very satisfied with the explanations they gave. Let me understand the education and poverty alleviation policy that my children can enjoy after relocating to Wanshan across the region. Such activities hope Do more in the future. "Said Dan Hedu, a resident of Dandu Street.

It is reported that in the course of in-depth implementation of the theme of “Do n’t forget the original heart and remember the mission” throughout the party, the Supervision Commission of the Wanshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection has made corresponding rectifications to the problems found in the special rectification that infringes on the interests of the masses. The "People Asking for Integrity" was launched to serve poverty alleviation and evaluate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, so that the masses can feel Wanshan's political clarity, government integrity, and cadre integrity, and do not go around the circle to answer questions, resolve concerns, and lay a solid foundation for winning the tough battle against poverty. Foundation, and jointly write a new chapter in Wanshan's transformation and development. (Wu Chengpan Zhou Feng)

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