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The only on-site training and teaching base in the province's discipline inspection system reform settled in Bijiang

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On November 28th, the People ’s Livelihood Supervision and Warning Education Center in Bijiang District of Tongren City was awarded by the Provincial Party Committee Reform Office and the Provincial Party School as “Guizhou Provincial Primary-level Poverty Alleviation in the Field of Corruption in the People ’s Livelihood. Teaching base. " Since then, the only on-site training and teaching base in the province's Party discipline inspection system reform has been officially established in Bijiang District.

It is understood that the People's Livelihood Supervision and Warning Education Center in Bijiang District, Tongren City is located in Wusong Community, Chuanjing Street, Bijiang District, Tongren City. It was completed and put into use in November 2018 and covers an area of 1,800 square meters. The center is based on the experience, practices, results and typical cases of governance reform of poverty reduction at the grassroots level and the livelihood of the people. It is divided into four major sections: the clean culture square, the community service experience center, the party check-up station, and the warning education exhibition hall. On-site training and teaching platform for the introduction of experience management practices in the field of people's livelihood, cadre party education, and warning education.

Since the center was put into use, relevant provincial and municipal leaders have visited the site for guidance many times. Up to now, it has received more than 140 units and trained more than 8,000 trainees.

In the next step, Bijiang District will strengthen the construction and management of the base, integrate the city's experience in reforming the discipline inspection system, and Tongren's native red culture, traditional culture, and honest cultural resources, and develop high-quality courses with prominent themes, distinctive features, and aura of the times. Effectively improve the level of school running.

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