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"People ask for integrity" to enter the community

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"Is the relocation households who used to enjoy the Dibao scheme easily? After the relocation, can they still enjoy the Dibao scheme?"

"Why does the cost of cooperative medical care increase to 250 yuan / year this year? Who has preferential policies?"


On December 25, Bijiang District's second "People Asking for Integrity" event was held in Wusong Community, Chuanxi Street. Although the severe cold weather was accompanied by a light rain, the enthusiasm of the masses could not be blocked. At the beginning of the event, the masses raised their own questions to the "responsible party".

Faced with the problem of “throwing out” by the masses, the relevant departments of “answering clean seats” responded patiently and meticulously with easy-to-understand explanations and easy-to-understand explanations. Satisfied.

This "Common Questions for the People" campaign was launched in conjunction with special rectifications that ignored issues that infringed on the interests of the masses, and consisted of public consultation and individual consultation. When the masses have questions, they can ask questions to the guests on the podium, or they can go to the "People Asking for Honestness · Policy Consulting" seat. Each participating unit will answer the questions face-to-face with the masses, and register the questions that cannot be clearly answered at one time. The Discipline Inspection Commission and the District Supervisory Committee will follow up.

"People ask Lianlian to listen to people ’s livelihood, collect public opinion, and resolve their concerns, effectively close the relationship between the cadres and the masses, and effectively enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security." Yu Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, commented on the event I fully affirmed the event, and hoped that the event will be better and better, and set up a "link bridge" for the masses to solve the masses' worrying, worrying, and worrying.

"Some policies that I don't understand. I finally figured them out through their explanations." After the event, a crowd in Wuxu Community, Chuanxi Town, Bijiang District said.

It is reported that this event is a special session of Bijiang District that specifically ignores issues that infringe on the interests of the masses. "People ask for integrity" in Chuanjing Street. It is hosted by the Bijiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision by the Chuanjing Street Office. , Civil Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau, Medical Security Bureau, and Media Center. (Shan Pengfei)

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