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Comprehensive ban on arrests in riverside autonomous counties in the Wujiang River Basin from January 1, 2020

Tongren City Government Website

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On December 25, as the last batch of 9 fishing boats were completely destroyed at the Wujiang Fishing Port Terminal in the Yanhe Autonomous County, the county opened a prelude to a 132-kilometer arrest in the Wujiang River Basin Autonomous County.

Cui Yonglong, the deputy head of the county government, and the staff are reviewing the dismantling of fishing vessels. He emphasized that it is necessary to further improve the station and recognize that the road to sustainable development of the Wujiang River Basin through the ban on arrest and withdrawal is an effective means to restore the ecology of the waters; Work out a detailed work plan, properly do a good job of converting fishermen from production to industry; accelerate the pace of advancement, do a good job in order to withdraw and ban fishing, and resolutely win the fight against banning and fishing.

“只搞大保护,不搞大开发”的绿色发展指示,今年以来,国家相关部门和贵州省先后出台了长江重点水域禁捕和建立补偿制度实施方案。 In order to thoroughly implement the green development instructions of "just to protect and not to develop" put forward by General Secretary Jinping, the county has since this year implemented relevant plans for the arrest and establishment of compensation systems in key waters of the Yangtze River. . In response to this, the county has formulated a corresponding implementation plan and set up a working group for banning and withdrawing fishing, and carried out a basic survey and verification of the basic information of fishing fishermen in 11 townships (streets) including Heping, Unity, Qitan, and Ganxi. According to the relevant regulations of the county, the approved retired fishing vessels, fishing nets and fishing aids are collected by the government, evaluated in accordance with the law and registered one by one, and they are publicly disassembled and scrapped.

169只,目前已全部拆解完成。 It is reported that the ban on fishing in the county ’s Wujiang River Basin has involved the registration of 169 fishing vessels and has been dismantled. In order to properly convert the fishermen's production and business, the county invested 11 million yuan to provide corresponding compensation and subsequent support to the licensed fishermen, and each household can get more than 60,000 yuan in compensation.

2020年1月1日起至2030年12月31日,沿河自治县境内乌江水域及县域天然河道实行常年禁捕,全面禁止一切捕捞行为,禁捕期限暂定10年。 In addition, the county also posted a notice in the area along the river. The notice clearly stated that from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2030, the Wujiang waters and natural rivers in the county along the river will be banned from arrest all year round, and all will be banned. The fishing ban is tentatively set for 10 years.

“江中无渔船、船上无渔网、餐馆无河鱼”的目标。 According to the relevant person in charge of the county's agriculture and rural bureau, after the dismantling of the fishing boat, the relevant functional departments of fishery administration, forestry, public security and other related departments will establish a joint law enforcement mechanism, relying on information technology to carry out fixed-point reconnaissance and regular inspections in prohibited waters. Law enforcement actions such as illegally fishing and illegally acquiring and trafficking in catches during the fishing ban were strictly investigated to achieve the goal of "no fishing boat in the river, no fishing nets on board, no river fish in restaurants". 张洪权 陈晶晶 ) ( Zhang Hongquan and Chen Jingjing )

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