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Reconstruction and expansion project of Shiqian Jinquan Avenue progresses smoothly

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Since the expansion and expansion project of Jinquan Avenue in Shiqian County started in March 2017, it has been advancing smoothly, and it is expected that it will be basically accessible before the Spring Festival in 2020.

Jinqian Avenue in Shiqian County is one of the main roads in the county. The starting point is Longteng Hotel and the ending point is under the Xikou Viaduct. The total length is 3.268 kilometers. Jinquan Avenue Reconstruction and Expansion Project is a comprehensive project that integrates comprehensive pipe corridors, sewage, and greening. The road reconstruction and expansion project of Chengnan Hot Spring Construction Section has machinery roaring on the site and engineering vehicles shuttled back and forth. Workers are busy constructing the comprehensive pipe corridor. Everyone had a clear division of labor, and carried out the procedures of laying steel bars, model reinforcement, and concrete pouring. The main works of the subgrade and comprehensive pipe gallery were nearing completion, laying a solid foundation for the next main road laying.

Zheng Enmao, deputy manager of the Jinquan Avenue project, said: "At present, the length of this comprehensive pipe gallery we are constructing is 2.8 kilometers, and 120 meters are under construction, which is the last 8 warehouses. Our task was to keep the remaining 8 warehouses. Completed, the road is initially pulled through. The comprehensive pipe gallery is a comprehensive pipe gallery that integrates electricity, communication, and water supply and drainage. The purpose is to save urban land and facilitate maintenance. "

Jinquan Avenue involves the demolition of more than 300 houses, a geological landslide control, and a lightning rock bridge. The construction is difficult. The county ’s Housing and Urban Construction Bureau and the Nine Hydropower Bureau are working together to solve the problem. Regulatory projects are progressing in an orderly manner. The construction site of the Leidayan Bridge connecting Wanjin Manor and Wufang International has completed the construction of the bridge pier and the river channel on both sides of the bank. At present, workers are grabbing the golden construction period model to prepare for the next step of the bridge pouring.

Liu Zhen, deputy director of the Shiqian County Housing and Construction Bureau and person in charge of the Jinquan Avenue project said, "After October 18, the entire project has resumed construction. Since the resumption of construction, we have mainly constructed the upper structure of the Leidayan Bridge and part of the comprehensive pipe gallery construction and sewage. The installation of the pipeline is the next step. Through the inverted construction period, it is expected that the travel between the Wan'an Bridge and the Longteng Bridge will be guaranteed by the year before, and it will solve the problem of difficulty for citizens. "

It is reported that the total investment of Jinquan Avenue project is 627 million yuan. After the reconstruction and expansion, Jinquan Avenue is 20 meters wide (including 15 meters on the sidewalk and 5 meters on the sidewalk). The length of the Thunder Rock Bridge is 391.7 meters and the bridge width is 21 meters. Become a fast track connecting the Anjiang Expressway exit. The avenue will be equipped with facilities such as a comprehensive pipe gallery, lighting and greening. After the renovation, the appearance will be renewed, which will greatly enhance the city's carrier function.

Liu Zhen said: "We expect to complete the entire project by the end of June 2020. After the completion of the project, it will greatly ease the traffic pressure in Shiqian County and solve the problem of public travel difficulties. During this period, the project construction will bring travel to the general public. Inconvenience, please forgive me . " (Zhang Chaobin He Qianchuan)

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