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Yinjiang holds a special job fair for retired soldiers in 2019

Tongren City Government Website

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月25日,印江2019年退役军人冬季就业专场招聘会在思辰酒店举办。 On December 25, Yinjiang's 2019 Winter Employment Recruitment for Retired Soldiers was held at Sichen Hotel. It aims to build a precise employment docking platform for retired soldiers, provide a full range of employment services, and promote retired soldiers to achieve higher quality and fuller employment.

The job fair attracted 17 companies from across the province and abroad to participate in more than 2,000 jobs in 10 industries including electronic communications, property management, big data, biotechnology, manufacturing, and logistics. In addition, the event site also provides employment and employment consulting, entrepreneurial lectures, green channels inside and outside the province, and other job search services, for occupational diagnosis, career assessment and one-to-one employment guidance for retired soldiers.

On the day of the event, retired soldiers who came to apply for consultations on the corresponding job positions based on their own advantages. 43-year-old Qin Yisheng retired from the army in 1997. After consulting and comparing a number of companies, he selected his preferred position and filled in relevant information.

秦义生笑呵呵地说。 "After I was discharged from the army, I first worked in a unit. Later, when the unit was cancelled, I was laid off. I have been doing a small business myself. Today I heard from our comrades that they are recruiting for veteran positions. Opportunities are rare, so I will hurry See, there are still quite a lot of posts today. After looking around, I think Jiangxi Evergrande's operator is relatively low in entry and salary is relatively ok , I plan to try. " Qin Yisheng said with a smile.

The job fair was jointly organized by the Bureau of Retired Military Affairs of Yinjiang County and the Guizhou Shangji Cornerstone Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Guizhou Shangji Cornerstone Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a technology-based limited human resources company. The company is committed to serving veterans and big data, and promoting the employment and entrepreneurship of veterans and the development of big data talents. The company will also set up a "one-stop service", adopt a new model of "integration and order", carry out in-depth services and professional consultations for veterans, and conduct on-site interviews with veteran candidates who are willing to apply for jobs and entrepreneurial needs. Candidates' education, skills, specialties, etc. will be prioritized for employment and sign agreements, and will provide 1-3 months of free employment training to help retired soldiers improve their professional abilities and allow them to quickly enter new positions.

"Promoting the employment of veterans is both a social responsibility and a business area of our company. Most of our posts today are set according to the characteristics of veterans, and the degree of matching is still relatively high. Our target number for this recruitment is 80 To 100 people, the demand for the post is still relatively large. In addition, veterans who have not found a suitable position on the site can also scan our QR code to enter our special online recruitment session to find their favorite jobs. We also hope that they will come to the company After that, we can have good development and create greater glory! "Introduced Zhang Jin, director of Yinjiang City District, Guizhou Province's Shangji Cornerstone Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned that this special job fair attracted more than 350 retired soldiers from Yinjiang to participate in the job application at the scene, and reached an initial intention of nearly 100 people at the scene.

In the next step, the County Veterans Affairs Bureau will cooperate with Guizhou Province's Shangji Cornerstone Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to conduct a three-day employment training for veterans who have signed an employment intention agreement.

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