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Along the river: "Four Muslims" makes "problem cadres" reorganize and start again

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回头思错、回访促教、回炉锻造、回归搭桥 四回帮教 模式,实现惩戒与教育相结合, 重敲打 扶一把 相结合,帮助受处分干部消除思想顾虑、重塑工作信心、丢下包袱 再出发 In recent years, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee of Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County has actively explored the " Four Muslims " model of " thinking back wrong, returning visits to promote education, returning to forging, and returning to the bridge " to realize the combination of punishment and education, and " re-beat " and " support " The combination of " one hand " helps the punished cadres to dispel ideological worries, rebuild confidence in work, and drop the burden of " restarting. "

归心。 " Look back and think wrong " and return to your heart. The county passed the careful communication with the offenders to check the facts, put evidence, find the root cause, and defend their rights to make them admit wrong.惩前毖后、治病救人 的宽严相济政策法规,开展说理教育,让 问题干部 思错、讲错,从能否认识错误看思想站位高不高。 Self-counting mistakes, clarifying the policy of leniency and strictness in punishing the front and the back, treating the disease and saving people , and carrying out reasoning education to allow " problem cadres " to think and speak wrong, and see whether the ideological standing is high from the understanding of the mistake. Self-discipline is the responsibility of disciplinary education. Disciplinary education is carried out for those who violate the discipline, and they are instructed to study the relevant disciplinary regulations before appearing to speak and self-discipline. Self-education touches the soul, violating discipline, cadres conduct self-reflection, self-analysis, and self-education after learning about discipline, and truly observe discipline and awe discipline from the heart.

洗礼。 The baptism of " return visit to promote teaching " . (党组)和纪委(纪检组)的意见等方式进行回访,一般干部由所在乡镇(街道)纪委(纪工委)或县直单位纪检组进行回访。 The county researched and formulated the "Implementation Measures for the Education of Returning Disciplinary Persons along the River and Tujia Autonomous County". The county-level disciplinary committee passed the interviews with the returnees, the unit ’s democratic evaluation, and sought the opinions of the party committee (party group) and disciplinary committee (disciplinary inspection group) of the unit. For return visits in other ways, general cadres are returned by the township (street) Discipline Inspection Commission (Discipline Inspection Commission) or the discipline inspection team of the county-level unit. In the education of returning visits to party members and cadres subject to punishment, the primary responsibility, the primary responsibility and the supervision responsibility should be implemented in concert. 三访 模式,力求了解概况全面准确。 During the return visit, we insisted on the " three visits " mode that combines visits to myself, families, and organizations , and strived to understand the situation comprehensively and accurately.

再生。 " Back forging " regeneration.召回学习,回炉锻造,单位考核,纪委回访 为内容的学习班,把一个阶段违规违纪的干部召回集中教育。 The county has explored and established a study course with the contents ofrecalling learning, refurbishing forging, unit evaluation, and disciplinary committee return visits as a content, and recalling centralized education for cadres who violated regulations and disciplines at one stage. During the study period, the person in charge of the party committee (party group) of the party member cadre where the disciplinary party is in charge must attend the opening ceremony to strengthen the sense of responsibility for the daily follow-up management of disciplinary cadres. During the study period, the trainees concentrated on learning discipline knowledge. At the same time, the relevant person in charge of the county disciplinary committee and the trainees collectively talked. The trainees wrote and learned, participated in closed-book exams, and continued to study if they failed the exam. After the study, the county disciplinary commission tracked the actual performance of the trainees back to the unit.

引路。 " Return to the bridge " approach .一帮一教 教育管理等情况作出综合评价,记入党员干部监督档案,为组织部门监督管理使用干部提供参考。 The county established a disciplinary inspection and supervision organ, organized personnel departments and its units to cooperate and cooperate with each other, to comprehensively understand the implementation of sanctions, the actual performance during the sanctions, and the education and management of " a group and a religion ", and make a comprehensive evaluation of them. Supervising archives, providing a reference for the supervision and management of cadres by organizational departments. At the same time, the "Education Management Account Book for Party Members and Cadres Subject to Punishment" has been established to implement full trace management and dynamic assessment. Actively recommend cadres who perform well to organizations. Currently, eight cadres in the county have been promoted for appointment. 田霞) ( Tian Xia)

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