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Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Urgently Deploys Work Safety

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On December 21, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau convened a cadre and workers' union to convey the spirit of the provincial and municipal work safety conferences and arrange the work safety of the market supervision departments.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the “Provincial Video Conference on Work Safety in the Province” and the “Emergency Special Meeting on Work Safety in the City” and arranged and deployed work safety in the field of market supervision. The meeting pointed out that production safety is related to the overall situation of reform, development, and stability, and to the immediate interests of the people. It is both a major political issue and a major livelihood issue. In the recent period of time, major safety accidents have occurred in our province, which have caused serious losses to people ’s lives and property. At present, the city is in a critical period of poverty alleviation and prevention and resolution of major risks.

The meeting demanded that market supervision departments bear important responsibilities for safety supervision in the market sector. In the critical period of this winter and next spring, safety supervision cannot be lax. First, we must improve our political standing and unify our ideology. We must thoroughly study and implement the series of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on work safety. We must always adhere to the alarm bells, and never have the slightest chance of paralysis. We must do a good job of work safety, so that the people ’s sense of safety is more fulfilled, more secure, and more feasible. continued. Second, based on departmental responsibilities, strengthen safety supervision. Conscientiously implement the supervision duties of food, drugs, special equipment, and hazardous chemicals, and learn from the others by conducting carpet-type, pull-net-type, full-coverage investigations, and major rectifications. There are no safety accidents in this industry or field. Third, we must go deep into grassroots supervision to ensure the implementation of responsibilities. Members of the party group lead the organization of the supervision group, and carry out supervision in various districts and counties before the New Year's Day, strengthen the supervision responsibility of the grass-roots market supervision department, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility, strengthen supervision and inspection, seriously pursue accountability, and resolutely prevent and curb heavy Major accidents have occurred to protect the lives and property of the people.

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