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Tongren City Explores and Implements "Cultural Seed Project" to Promote Rural Cultural Revitalization

Tongren City Government Website

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In recent years, Tongren City has optimized the public cultural services at the grassroots level to better meet the growing cultural needs of the masses, and actively explored and implemented the projects of rural cultural facilities seeds, backbone seeds, propaganda seeds, and brand seeds to promote rural cultural revitalization and open up rural areas. Public cultural services "last mile". In 2019, it was included in the "Third Batch of National Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Projects", exploring a new way for the construction of public cultural service systems in rural areas in the west.

First, "facility seeds" promote cultural rooting. The first is to develop standards. Issued the "Tongren City Innovation Basic Public Cultural Service Mechanism" Eights "Standard" "Tongren City" Village-level Agricultural Sports Project "Project Construction Three-Year Action Plan" "Tongren City Promotion Basic-level Comprehensive Cultural Service Center Construction Implementation Plan" series of documents In accordance with the "Eights" creation standard, promote the construction of grass-roots rural public cultural infrastructure and build a rural public cultural service system. The second is to build a position. In accordance with the idea of "government-led, social participation, and multi-party support", cultural service platforms such as the rural arena, agricultural sports projects, and radio and television are set up to provide cultural and sports venues for the majority of rural people. As of now, there are 2,735 farmhouses, 2,296 village-level comprehensive cultural service centers, 1,943 village-level service points for cultural information resource sharing projects, and 1,030 rural cultural activity squares; 370,000 new users of Guizhou "Broadcast Cloud" , The comprehensive coverage of the television population reached more than 97%. The third is supporting facilities. Implementation of the Baixian Wancun Comprehensive Cultural Service Center Coverage Project, the upgrade of public digital cultural services in impoverished areas in the central and western regions, and the unified provision of necessary cultural equipment, fitness equipment, radio and television equipment for village-level cultural activity rooms and cultural and sports activity squares The basic public cultural facilities and equipment have sent public culture to millions of households, which has guaranteed the basic cultural rights and interests enjoyed by the rural masses, and consolidated the main position of rural ideological and propaganda culture.

Second, "backbone seeds" promote cultural growth. The first is to select professionals to teach. Organize professional talents in colleges and universities, city and county cultural centers and song and dance troupes in the city to conduct in-depth training in rural squatting training, on-the-job assistance and other forms of training, and train at least 1 or 2 professional literary backbones for each administrative village. At present, 3,123 professional literary and art backbones are being cultivated, and the city's administrative village coverage rate is 100%. The second is to organize the masses to learn. The backbone of literature and art, and social sports instructors train 1-2 culturally talented people in each natural village. Culturally talented people lead the masses to learn, train rural cultural backbones, and ensure that rural cultural positions are used, lived, and fired. The new normal of self-management, self-education and self-service for rural people. At present, the city has cultivated more than 4,000 talents in rural culture, 262 literary and artistic teams in towns and villages, and 1,164 literary and artistic teams in villages (communities). The third is to recruit volunteer service teams. Recruit cultural enthusiasts and students majoring in literature and art in the city as cultural volunteers to carry out coaching and training at the village level, and guide the village to build a cultural team. Up to now, there are 200 rural cultural volunteer service teams in the city. In 2019, a total of 3,000 literary trainings, coaching, lectures, etc. were held, more than 3,000 village-level cultural activities were conducted, and more than 1.5 million people participated.

The third is the "publicity seeds" to promote the blossoming of culture. The first is cultural leadership. Relying on cultural benefits to the people, such as cultural trips to the countryside and lower levels of literature and art, the excellent programs promoting the core values of socialism and inheriting excellent traditional culture will be sent to the masses. Popular methods and things around the masses, propagating the core values of socialism, transmitting positive social energy, and leading the development of rural culture. In 2019, we carried out more than 1,000 events to send culture to the countryside, screened more than 30,000 public welfare movies, and provided more than 3,000 events of various types. The second is order services. Establish a city, county, township, and village four-level cultural needs feedback mechanism, formulate public cultural service supply catalogs according to demand, use the colorful data advantages of the colorful Guizhou cultural cloud platform, and carry out "menu-style" and "order-style" services to meet the cultural needs of the people . In 2019, the city's cultural and sports workers served more than 1,000 times at the grassroots level, counseled the public more than 100,000 times, provided 19 public cultural service projects, and carried out more than 1,000 orders-based services. The third is literary and artistic creation. The selection of 10 best songs, 10 best scripts, 10 best works of art, 10 best works of photography, and 10 best calligraphy works has been carried out for four consecutive years, and the quantity and quality of public cultural service supply in the city has been improved. Yanhe County's "This Mountain Doesn't Get That High" won the 16th Golden Medal of the 16th China Western Song Concert; Sinan Lantern Show "New Year" and "Shilin Family" were commended by the Central Propaganda Department; Miao Flower Drum Dance "Drum Source" won the ninth session Chinese Folk Literature Mountain Flower Award.

Fourth, "brand seeds" promote cultural results. The first is the launch of one county and one brand. On the basis of continuous protection and promotion of excellent traditional folk culture, the special folk and folk cultural activities are packaged as projects, combined with the "five one" literary and artistic works, and adapted to enhance traditional literature and art through expert participation, implantation of reality, and second-time creation. , Forming a rural one brand, one village one characteristic. Up to now, the Chinese traditional dragon boat race of Bijiang, Wanshan Industrial Culture, Songtao Miao ethnic stunt, Yuping Xiaodi culture, Jiangkou style and tourism integration demonstration base, Shiqian non-heritage, Yinjiang calligraphy, Sinan lantern show, Dejiangyan Tang opera, Tujia folk songs along the river and other cultural brands. The second is to build a brand of four seasons culture. Based on a series of mass cultural activities of "Bratan Pure Land, Taoyuan Tongren", a series of mass cultural activities such as "Spring Tide", "Passion Midsummer" and "Golden Autumn Wuling" were held to enhance the participation of the square culture, community culture, and rural culture. The awareness rate has realized the cultural atmosphere of "there is a theme in every season and every month has activities", and the enthusiasm for the broad participation of the masses has been mobilized. The mass participation has reached more than 30,000 person-times. The third is to develop national cultural brands. Relying on colorful ethnic cultural resources, we will create a unique ethnic cultural brand in the city, organize all districts and counties to participate in colorful Guizhou non-legacy weekend gatherings, showcase Tongren's unique ethnic culture, and expand its influence in the province and the country. For example, support traditional crafts such as Songtao Miao Embroidery to develop and expand the national cultural industry, and cultivate more than 20 Miao Embroidery cultural enterprises and self-employed individuals. In 2019, Songtao Miao Embroidery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site's Intangible Heritage Sustainable Livelihoods Project, and was included in the “Intangible Heritage + Poverty Alleviation” key support scope by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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