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Branch construction enhances industry's innovation vitality——Side notes of the party building role of the party branch of the Municipal Highway Department

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In recent years, the Municipal Highway Department has won several awards: it has been rated as "National Advanced Collective for Rural Road Maintenance and Management" by the Ministry of Transport; it has been rated as "Worker Pioneer" by the Guizhou Federation of Trade Unions, and evaluated by Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation. For “2015-2017 Provincial Advanced Collective of Transportation Industry”, 2008-2017 won the “Top Provincial Rural Highway Maintenance Management” for 10 consecutive years, and in 2018 was named “Provincial Advanced Collective for Rural Highway Construction” .

Where is its driving force? The answer from the main person in charge of the department is that he is able to persevere in the construction of party branches, build strong fighting teams for the grass-roots party organizations through strong teams, lead teams, build mechanisms, and increase vitality. Innovative development. Grasp the standardization of party branches and build strong departmental battle bases

The Party Branch of the Municipal Highway Department currently has 23 party members (including 1 reserve party member). The party branch firmly established the concept of integrating into the center, grasping party building, and serving the overall situation for development. Focusing on the standardization and standardization of the branch, it strengthened the fighting bastions of party organizations at the grass-roots level, continuously enhanced the industry's innovation vitality, and fully promoted the departmental work.

Focus on branch construction on mechanism construction and constantly improve the construction of the party branch system. Focusing on the requirements of party member learning and the establishment of branches to institutionalize work, optimize and improve party member learning and education, "three sessions and one lesson", service department center work, and party fee collection and management, including 25 party building and unit management systems, and standardize and ensure that all work has Preface. We will implement the branch standardization promotion project and comprehensively improve the level of branch construction. In June 2017, the standardization construction of the party branch successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of the municipal government's work committee and became one of the first batch of 12 branch standardization construction demonstration sites in the city; in 2019, the party branch implemented Based on the standardization and upgrading project of the branch, and strictly implementing the "eight out of seven on the wall" standard, the layout of the party member's activity room and the content on the wall have been completely reorganized and updated, and the "three meetings and one lesson" and party day activities have been repeated. Standards are improved. Innovate the carrier of party building activities,

Promote the cohesion of party organizations

The party branch insists on the creation of civilized units and civilized departments as carriers, makes full use of ethical lecture halls, construction of staff book houses, and construction of standardized party member positions, etc., and actively participates in and carries out "five-city joint creation", colorful Guizhou Taoyuan Tongren, "peace The highway, "I am a party member, I go ahead" and other series of activities, do a good job in the party members and all cadres and workers in the construction of spiritual civilization. Through carrying out a series of party building activities, the party branch's combat effectiveness and cohesion will be strengthened, the exemplary role of party members in departmental work will be promoted, and departmental work will be promoted.

At the same time, the construction and role of mass organizations have been continuously strengthened. The party branch led a group of trade unions and other organizations to actively carry out a variety of staff-related sports and caring activities and outdoor development, caring and condolences for retired, sick and inpatient cadres and classics reading and other activities. Thereby, a co-construction pattern is formed in which various organizations, departments and departments participate in and cooperate with party building activities. Pick the burden of the work of the center, and strive to be the vanguard of poverty alleviation

The rural road of “grouping and connecting” is one of the “four hard battles” in the city ’s “four hard battles” for infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation and relocation, industrial poverty alleviation, and education and medical housing. It is also the most direct and realistic way to increase public satisfaction. Facts. In order to complete the various construction tasks with good quality and quantity, and make the results of rural road construction benefit more people, effectively help push poverty alleviation, deal with the burden of the Party branch, adjust the elites, and solidly promote the hardening road of rural “organization” Construction. In less than two years, 12,103 kilometers of village-wide “group-community” hardening roads have been completed, and the city has achieved the goal of “group-community-combination” hardening roads for 5,982 village households of 30 or above. Lu's three-year decisive battle mission, construction scale and construction progress are ranked third in the province, providing a strong transportation guarantee for the city's poverty alleviation. Give full play to the advantages of the organization,

Solve the problem of poverty alleviation

Combining the characteristics of the industry, the party branch fully transformed the party's organizational advantages into poverty alleviation and development advantages, and seriously carried out a series of poverty alleviation work including popular party building and targeted assistance. In 2016, the party branch successively solved a total of 500,000 yuan in aid materials and funds for Songtao, Yinjiang and Jiangkou. In 2017, the Party construction was integrated with poverty-stricken village assistance, comprehensive management, family planning, joint branch construction, and designated villages, and the total amount of assistance projects and funds reached more than 9 million yuan. In 2018, we carried out activities such as fixing villages, comprehensive governance assistance, joint branch construction, and community construction activities to help resolve poverty and help solve projects and funds of more than 3 million yuan. In 2019, we actively resolved more than 1 million yuan in various work materials such as poverty alleviation and comprehensive treatment assistance, which effectively helped Yinjiang successfully pass the provincial third-party assessment. Through the powerful assistance in recent years, we have solved real problems and done practical things for those we are helping, and have made tangible contributions.

The Municipal Highway Division has paid close attention to the construction of branches, not only promoting various work in the industry, but also improving the image of the party branch. In June 2019, the party branch of the department was awarded by the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee as “the advanced party organization for poverty alleviation in the province”, by the Tongren Municipal Party Committee as “the advanced party organization for the poverty alleviation by the city”, and as the “advanced grassroots party” organization". (Yang Guosheng)

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