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The Party Branch of the Organ of Ecological Immigration Bureau of the People's Republic of China fulfilled its original mission and paid close attention to the joint construction of the branch to help push out poverty.

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In accordance with the principles of "organization joint construction, party member interaction, resource sharing, and development conspiracy", the municipal Party branch of the Ecological Immigration Bureau and the party branch of Gaofeng Village, Zhongjie Town, Yanhe Tujia Autonomous County, paired as the joint party branch, and selected Zhang Luqian, an organization member The comrade is the deputy secretary of the joint party branch and works in the village. In the past four years, the Party Branch of the Municipal Ecological Migration Bureau has always practiced the original intention and mission of the joint establishment of the branch, and achieved the goals of integrating resources, promoting each other, and developing together by making up for shortcomings and strengths and weaknesses. Creativity, cohesion, and combat effectiveness have been significantly improved, and the role of battle fortress has continued to play. Up to now, the existing poverty-stricken people in Fengfeng Village have all been lifted out of poverty. At the same time, in July this year, the Party Branch of the Municipal Ecological Migration Bureau and Comrade Zhang Luqian were both commended by the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, and were awarded the titles of “Advanced Party Organization for Poverty Alleviation” and “Excellent Party Member for Poverty Alleviation”.

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We will set up organizations and strengthen the building of branch committees. Since 2016, according to the actual situation of the Gaofeng Village Party Branch, the Party Branch of the Municipal Ecological Migration Bureau has made recommendations to the Party Committee of Zhongjie Town in response to the problems of the irrational structure of the branch committee, aging, and weakened capacity. Enriching the party members with correct thinking, decent work style, recognized by the masses, and wanting officers and capable officers, strengthened the overall strength of the village party branch.

Strengthen team building and strengthen the ranks of party members at the grassroots level. Through comprehensive visits, further grasp the information of party members in the village, establish and improve party member files, and take various forms to strengthen party spirit education in response to the aging and weakening of party members, mobilize the enthusiasm of young people, and let them move closer to party organizations. In the past four years, there have been 3 newly-developed party members and 6 activists joining the party, effectively solving the problem of insufficient reserve power of the party branch in Gaofeng Village.

We will standardize construction and give play to the role of grassroots fighting forts. Based on the "House of Party Members", invested 40,000 yuan to purchase computers, printers and other equipment, and publicized the "three meetings and one lesson" and branch work system on the wall, so that the activity room reached the "six" standard. Actively carry out branch joint construction, policy preaching, and the theme education of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind”, carry out the activities of “Putting the Party ’s emblem and highlighting commitments”, setting up an open party affairs column, a party member image column, posting party member commitment letters, and posting in three villager groups Each of them has identified one central party member to guide party members to consciously play a vanguard and exemplary role. Since 2016, it has carried out branch co-construction activities 4 times with the party branch of Gaofeng Village, and carried out 42 policy presentations, so that all party members and cadres have been educated and trained in the activities. At the same time, it also actively coordinated with counterparts in Shangang Village, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, and jointly planned and built a new village committee, integrating functions such as office work, training of party members and cadres, and villager education.

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Promote project construction to help lift poverty. In response to the lag of supporting infrastructure, we actively sought projects and funds from the city and county levels. We have implemented three road hardening projects with a length of 13.3 kilometers, human drinking projects, lighting projects, and flood drainage channels. 4.8 million yuan. At the same time, seize the opportunity of cooperation between the east and the west, coordinate Fengfeng Village and Shangang Village, Zhangjiagang City to explore and establish a village-level poverty alleviation cooperation mechanism, formulate the development plan of "one water, two parks and three industries", and set up village collective agricultural companies to invest 3.3 million yuan was built into the peak organic agricultural industrial park. 16 linked greenhouses and 41 standard greenhouses have been completed. Strawberry, limited root grapes, Japanese red beauty oranges, French figs, and ganoderma have been developed, and more than 10 people have been cultivated. Get Rich Leader. In addition, the masses were also actively organized to participate in the development of the industry throughout the entire process, achieving production technology, management experience and economic income with one stroke. The remaining 193 poor people in the 50 households had all been lifted out of poverty.

Focus on rural governance and build a beautiful new countryside. The cowsheds and chicken sheds on both sides of the road were collectively dismantled and landscaping was carried out. Garbage bins were provided at designated locations and uniformly cleaned and transported, which resolved the old habits of littering and incineration. At the same time, insisting on organizing voluntary work for party members on party day, cleaning village main roads and sanitary corners, mobilized the initiative and enthusiasm of the masses, and greatly improved environmental sanitation.

Grasp humanistic care and build a harmonious village. In order to make Fengfeng Village a civilized, peaceful, and harmonious village, the joint construction branch, while motivating the masses ideologically, helped the masses with practical actions. Since 2016, the Party Branch of the Municipal Ecological Immigration Bureau has conducted visits and condolences for 67 people, paid more than 10,000 yuan in condolences, and responded to emergencies such as the villager Luo Mou ’s accidental eating of wild fungus poisoning, Luo Moumou ’s traffic Suffering from serious accidents, the party branch of the bureau immediately organized a donation of 38,000 yuan, and the joint party branch took the lead in organizing villagers to raise more than 7,000 yuan to help the difficult people in time. At the same time, it actively connected with Shangang Village, and set up a peak “Shan Fukang” health and medical mutual aid fund, which received 100,000 yuan in charity, which provided a guarantee for the villagers in Gaofeng Village and was well received by the masses. (Correspondent Yuan Shize)

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