RSS subscription

RSS is a simple way to share content online (also called syndicated content, Really Simple Syndication). Generally, using RSS subscriptions on time-sensitive content can get information more quickly, and the website provides RSS output, which helps users to get the latest updates of website content. Network users can use RSS-aware news aggregation tool software on the client, or subscribe to sites online (such as catching shrimp and fresh fruit) to facilitate users to subscribe to and collect the news they care about. The Baidu news system follows the RSS 2.0 specification.
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You need to download and install an RSS news reader, or register for an rss account online, and then subscribe to the news section you are interested in from the RSS news directory list provided on the website. After subscribing, you will get the latest content of the news channels you subscribe to in time.

a. There are no advertisements or pictures to affect the reading of the title or article summary.

b. RSS reader automatically updates your customized website content to keep the news timely.

c. Users can add multiple customized RSS feeds to collect news from multiple sources and integrate them into a single data stream.