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The Tongren City People's Government Website is a government website established by the Tongren City People's Government on the Internet. It focuses on three major functions: open government affairs, services, and government-civilian interaction. Leader speeches, tourism services, investment promotion and other columns are the main platform for the promotion of Tongren, the main window for public services, and the main channel for government-civilian interaction. "People friendly, service, innovation" as the purpose of the website.
The Tongren City People's Government Network is under the unified leadership of the municipal government, and the municipal government's e-government management office is responsible for organization and implementation and daily management.
Tongren City People's Government Network sincerely hopes that it can serve the people with rich information, become a stage to showcase Tongren culture, promote the image of Tongren, and make positive contributions to Tongren's economic development and cultural exchange.
Contact: Municipal Government Electronic Government Information Management Office 0856-5222096. Information submission email: