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Notes for writing a letter

I. Basic Duties of Petitions and Complaints

It accepts the criticisms, opinions, suggestions, help, consultations of citizens, legal persons and other organizations on the work of various departments, assigns and transfers the problems reflected by the masses to the responsible units, feedbacks the processing results, and provides relevant information to government agencies in a timely manner.

Second, the scope of acceptance

(1) Criticism, opinions and suggestions on the work of Tongren government agencies;

(2) opinions and suggestions on the reform and opening up, economic construction, development environment, municipal construction, and urban management of our city;

(3) consultations, opinions and suggestions on the work responsibilities, procedures and policies of various departments of the municipal government;

(4) opinions and suggestions on related issues and emergencies that directly affect the lives of the masses;

(5) opinions and suggestions on relevant issues that occur in social life that need to be resolved financially;

(6) Advice and suggestions on relevant policies and regulations issued by the municipal government.

Third, the notice

1. The object of the complaint is clear, and the content of the complaint is true, objective, and clear. It must not distort or fabricate the facts, and cannot slander or falsely accuse others;

2. Do not accept claims involving matters involving disciplinary inspection, judicial prosecution, etc. that need to be resolved through legal channels;

3. The content of the administration should be detailed and clearly stated;

4. Please leave your real name, phone number, address, e-mail address, etc. before submitting, and relevant parties can better contact you when processing;

5. If confidentiality is required, please choose No if it is public;

6. The received letters will be classified according to the content of the letters. Inquiry letters will be responded within 5 working days. Notifications of acceptance will be provided for complex issues, and the reply period will be extended appropriately. Complaint messages will be handled and responded to in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Letters and Visits Regulations.

7. Failure to fill in the points 1-5 above will not be accepted;

8. Please keep in mind the code of your letter in order to track the status of the inquiry;

9. Thank you for your concern and support for our city's work, and you are welcome to participate actively.